Distance Between Us

This story is about 3 friends who always dreamed about going to London (first class). When they first get on the plane, they notice that something is very strange. This was when they realize they are onthe same plane as One Direction. Will they hook up with the love of their lives? Or will they just be friends?


3. Plane Ride. Part 1

Hailey's POV

Once we found our seats, I realized taylor was sitting by herself, because i was sitting with elizabeth. Taylor got up and darted through the small aisle, making her way towards the restroom. When she had returned the seat was no longer empty. That was when she realized it was Niall, and he happened to be sleeping. She squeezed her way into her seat while smiling really big. I turned around to realize that the smile had faded making her eyes slowly droop shut. About half an hour later Niall had awaken. I clearly saw him fidgeting with his thumbs, which meant he was nervous about something. Before turning around, i saw Niall look at Taylor with a wide smile going from ear to ear. When i turned to face forward, elizabeth whispered over to me, " Do you think he has a crush on her?!? " I just nodded with a grin on my face. When Elizabeth saw my reaction to her question she screamed silently. Then she asked me another question. Her question was... When do you think she would wake up? I shrugged my shoulders and replied with an answer of... I hope soon because i want her and Niall to get along and make up.
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