Distance Between Us

This story is about 3 friends who always dreamed about going to London (first class). When they first get on the plane, they notice that something is very strange. This was when they realize they are onthe same plane as One Direction. Will they hook up with the love of their lives? Or will they just be friends?


7. Just another day, with 5 guys.

Elizabeth's POV

When i greeted harry at the door, i realized everything was perfect about him. His hair, his green eyes, and his very curly hair. When i leaned in to hug him he replied immediately by hugging me back and saying,"We should go on a date tonight." in my ear. While still hugging him, i replied saying i would love to, and just send me the info. of where we are going (if we are going anywhere). After greeting them with hugs, louis immediately called for a game of would you rather. We rushed to the living room and plopped on the floor, as harry went first. He chose me to answer his would you rather statement. His statement was: would you rather kiss me or louis... I replied saying definitely you. He clearly knew i had feelings for him but i didn't care because he was the one who asked me out on a date tonight, which i knew he clearly had feelings for me too or else he wouldn't have asked me. Then i realized it was my turn to go. I then asked Niall: would you rather choose taylor or hailey to be your girlfriend? I knew what he was going to say anyways so pretty much it seemed like i didn't even say a word to him. He answered saying Taylor, he didn't have to think twice about his answer, which was cute.
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