Distance Between Us

This story is about 3 friends who always dreamed about going to London (first class). When they first get on the plane, they notice that something is very strange. This was when they realize they are onthe same plane as One Direction. Will they hook up with the love of their lives? Or will they just be friends?


9. Going Shopping.

** 2 more days until Elizabeth's birthday! ** Hailey's POV " Louis what are we going to do for Elizabeth's birthday?!? It is in two more days and we don't have any gifts or anything?!? Please help me!! ". " Hailey calm down me, Taylor, Zayn, Liam, and Nialler will all go shopping tonight once Elizabeth and Harry are sleeping. But whatever happens we need to play it cool. Ok? ". " (Taylor, Nialler, Zayn, and Liam; moaning voices) Ok Sargent Louis! " ----(10 o' clock p.m)---- " Ok everyone single file and stay as silent as a mouse! Now lets move it move it move it! " Louis said. " Were going as fast as we can !! Its not easy walking in high heels without making klunk noises every time we step!! " Both Taylor and I said. ----(outside)---- Once we got a cab we all looked at each other and said, " Mall. "

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