Distance Between Us

This story is about 3 friends who always dreamed about going to London (first class). When they first get on the plane, they notice that something is very strange. This was when they realize they are onthe same plane as One Direction. Will they hook up with the love of their lives? Or will they just be friends?


6. Company.

Hailey's POV

When we walked into our dorm, our smiles had faded into frowns. The reasons why our faces changed was because we had to decorate and organize a lot of things. Another reason why we all walked into our dorm... depressed was because we all knew we would have to have more people to help us clean. Well on the way here we met one direction... "So maybe they can help us!!" Taylor said. "Who's they?" asked Elizabeth. "ONE DIRECTION!!!" Taylor answered. We all realized that we DID meet them and that we DID have their numbers!! Once we settled down a bit, we all had the courage to call the members of one direction and they all agreed to the invite.

------------- HALF AN HOUR LATER-----------

There was a knock at the door. Taylor, Elizabeth and I smiled and headed towards the door. We opened the door and greeted them with our prettiest smiles and a huge hug.

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