Distance Between Us

This story is about 3 friends who always dreamed about going to London (first class). When they first get on the plane, they notice that something is very strange. This was when they realize they are onthe same plane as One Direction. Will they hook up with the love of their lives? Or will they just be friends?


11. **Author's Note**

"Hey Guys first off i would like to thank you guys for reading my story, it truly means a lot to me." "I would love for you to go check out my best friend's stories, her user name is 1d_forever." "she is currently writing a book called Super Star." "whoever likes and/or comments on her story so far, will get a personal story published by me(:" "Just comment done under this note and you guys will get one. But i will be needing your name and who you would like the story to be with." "I would really enjoy you guys for doing this favor for me!" "Love you guys" :P


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PS: I have been having a lot of homework lately so i might not be able to update but i will try to tonight(:


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