I'll Hold onto The Memory

Kaylee has always loved to be up high, it helped her feel relieved and free. Being the one girl who gets to ride on a ferris wheel with Harry Styles may sound like a dream come true, but being stuck on one may not be best no matter who you are with.


2. Stuck

"Wow, I really understand how you feel." He took a deep breath and sighed happily. We both sat there in comfortable silence until I felt like something was wrong. I had been so busy concentrating on Harry that I didnt realize how long we were on the ride for. "Harry?" He opened his eyes and started directly into mine. "Do you feel like we have been up here for a while?" He glared at his watch, his expression darkened. "Is it normal for one of these rides to be 15 minutes long?" I had then realized that we were stuck. "Sadly, I think we are stuck up here..." Harry's face went blank. "S...s..Stuck?" On the inside I was kinda glad we were stuck, but I was starting to get a bit afraid. "Yea... Hopefully it doesn't start to get cold... Of course after I said that a major gust of wind hit us, which cause both of or teeth to shatter. Harry came even closer, and wrapped his arms around me. I know he did this just to keep warm but no matter how cold it was, I still melted on the inside. I wrapped me arms around him, and layed my head on his chest to keep every part of me warm. I know I just met him, but I couldn't help but love this. Except for the fact we were stuck way up high with the binds blowing against our faces... Time was passing, but we were still holding each other tightly. It is Florida, but being so high causes the temperature to drop and the wind to low harder. Imagine your dreams and your nightmares coming true, but at the exact same time. That's how I felt right now. "I told you I loved heights... But now... I'm really scared Harry." I looked into his eyes, and he stared down at me. "I'm pretty sure were going to be fine... We just have to wait till someone can start the ride, or get us down." He let go of me to look down, and immediately I started shivering. Sirens were ringing under us, but it was very faint. "The fire department Is here! Maybe they can get us down!" His face was full of excitement as he snapped his head in my direction. I have to admit, it was adorable. I slowly scooted toward him to give the hint I was cold. He seemed to understand, and slid his arms around me again. I sighed, feeling his body warmth. "I'm so glad you were the one I rode with." He whispered into my ear. I grinned and I buried my face in his chest, keeping my nose warm.  I heard something beneath us, so I untangled myself from Harry and peeked my head over the side. Harry followed. "Hey! It's Louis and Eleanor!" My eyes opened wider, as I realized the presence of all my idols. I looked to the side to see Harry's face really close to me. I leaned In like I was about to... HOLD ON A SECOND. What was I trying to do? Kiss him? Like he would ever like me! He was hugging me to keep warm but he wouldn't do that legitimately. And he is famous, why would he want to be with me? AND we just met! There are to many reasons! Being stuck up here is driving me crazy...

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