I'll Hold onto The Memory

Kaylee has always loved to be up high, it helped her feel relieved and free. Being the one girl who gets to ride on a ferris wheel with Harry Styles may sound like a dream come true, but being stuck on one may not be best no matter who you are with.


4. It Can't Stop

"Harry... Did they forget about us?" I shivered at the thought. "Babe, they wouldn't forget about us." Did he just call me babe? What am I getting myself into... I haven't felt this kind of love since my mom had died. I really should mention more about my past... At 17 when I was legally able to get away from home, I ran from there the minute I could. I didn't think my dad would mind, he never loved me anyway. I guess he cared a lot more than I thought... He had searched everywhere for me. He tricked everyone into thinking I was the bad one... Am I the one who murdered my mom? I'm going to deep into thought... Lets just think about this moment. Harry moved away to look below us. I really wish he didn't have to move at the one minute when I felt alone. "What do you see?" I was still holding back tears, I always cry thinking about my past. I live alone anyways so it usually doesn't matter. "Well, looks like many people are here to help fix the machine." He seemed pretty interested on the people below us. "Great.."'my voice cracked. Even better, I'm gonna have to tell him my secret. "Are you... Crying?" Harry seemed to be by my side in less than a second. Sliding his arms around my waist, he looked down at me with his glistening eyes.  "Oh, Harry... I barely know you." More tears started to pour out of my eyes. Harry slowly moved his lips to my ear. "I have a feeling we will get a lot closer. Please, you can trust me." His voice was barely above a whisper. I shivered, and locked my eyes with his. "I just cant tell you... i need to really get to know you." He lifted his hand and wiped the mascara off my face. He gave me a sympathetic smile and hugged me. "Okay, that's fine. I just really hope that at some point we can get closer."  I just couldn't stop the tears. Harry has been the only one who cared for me. Who knew that being on a ride for a couple hours could change my whole life. I pulled away from his embrace so I can look at him. "Your the only person who has cared for me. Ever. I hope you know that in these 2 hours, my life has changed." A single tear slid slowly down his face. This time I wiped it off of his face. "Don't cry over something that isn't worth crying for. Its my problem, not yours." Harry grabbed me. "No. You deserve the world, and so far you have gotten nothing." He slammed his face into mine. This kiss wasn't like the others. I could feel the love radiating off of his body. He isn't a player, he isn't a liar. This is real. This is happening. This is true.

How could he fall in love with me so fast? He still doesn't know me... I lay my head on his chest, and let his breathing pattern lure my into sleep. I don't know how long I slept for, but I'm hoping it wasn't long. When I opened my eyes, I caught Harry already staring at me. His stomach growled, very loud and noticeable. "Are you feeling okay Harry?"
"I'm just pretty hungry thats all." I nodded my head. "Yeah, same. I have a problem too." I crossed my legs. "What?" He looked at me with worry. "Not a big deal, I just should have gone to the bathroom before I came on here." I laughed, his eyes just widened as he nodded. We just sat in a somewhat awkward silence. "We really need to get down." Harry mumbled. "Really? Huh.. Weird." I smiled and he sent me an evil glare. "Sorry sorry... Bad time for sarcasm." I laughed. At this time the park would be closing, but I still heard many sounds of people from below. "Harry come here, lean your head over the side." Harry gave me a confused look, but did what I said. All of a sudden, the loudest sound I had ever heard just roared from the ground. I pushed him aside and peeked over the side. Silence filled the whole area. "Figures. They are all jealous I'm up here with you. It's great being up here with you don't get me wrong, but I'm not to sure if I like being up here." I was still looking down. "Well, I'm pretty glad I came on this ride." I turned to look at him. "Wait a second... Your happy your trapped up here?" I moved closer to him. "Of course. I got to meet you." He smiled, showing off his beautiful teeth. My eyes started to glisten.
"That's so sweet..." I blushed. He wrapped his arms around me, and we just sat next to each other enjoying the company. A megaphone squealed from under us. "Are they trying to get our attention?" I pulled away from him and looked down. "Are you guys okay?" The voice was barely audible, but I caught the voice from below. I stuck my arms out the side and put my thumbs up. I hope the man saw my hands. "Don't worry! The ride should be running in 15 minutes!"
I heard the voice below. I sighed in relief. "Only 15 minutes Harry!" We both cheered and hugged each other. "I have a feeling we will be seeing each other a lot after this." Harry winked at me. "Harry... I don't want to sing in front of a crowd..." I sighed. " It won't be scary after a while! I promise!" "But what if my dad finds me?" I shivered at the thought. "Wait... What?" At that exact moment, the Ferris wheel started to move. Cheering overwhelmed my ears. "Nothing, but the ride is moving!" I was so glad that the ride moving could cover up that moment. Harry smiled and nodded, but I could tell he had what I said on his mind. For some reason the ride kept on spinning. Why would they do this? Do they really think we want a ride after we had been stuck this whole time? I looked down and saw people scrambling everywhere. My eyes widened in realization, I looked at Harry and he was thinking the same thing. The ride can't stop.

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