I'll Hold onto The Memory

Kaylee has always loved to be up high, it helped her feel relieved and free. Being the one girl who gets to ride on a ferris wheel with Harry Styles may sound like a dream come true, but being stuck on one may not be best no matter who you are with.


1. Getting On the Ride

I guess most people can call me childish. Not in a bad way, but in a fun way. So working at Disney World is what I do. Don't judge, I have almost every kid's dream. Even when i dont work I still love to go there, mainly to ride the ferris wheel. It makes me forget about all the troubles I have had in my life. Anyways, today was my day off, but on my days off I really have nothing else to do since I live alone. I can usually get in the park for really cheap, which is a bonus, so i just decided to go today. Whenever I do get there, you can guess where I go to. I rode on it so often, i don't even have to wait in the long lines anymore. Today seemed interestinly different. Being a weekday, the park was busier than usual. I pushed my thoughts aside and stepped onto the ride. I felt a rocking motion and i could tell someone else had got onto the ride with me, but i didn't care to look. I was feeling to impatient for the ride to start. One cart by one cart, the ride would slowly start filling others on. I decided to finally take a look to see who else was on the ride with me, out of curiosity. I swept my head to the side quickly to see a curly haired boy. Not just any curly haired boy... But Harry Styles. I mentally fangirled as I realized he had already been staring at me. My eyes opened wide and my breathing accelerated. I didn't even know what to say. Most girls would freak out, but i was more shy and embarrassed that I didn't notice him sooner. "Uhm... Hello." I sputtered, and turned to look at him straight into his eyes. "Hello!" He looked right back at me with a welcoming smile. "I really didnt expect to be on this ride with you..." I would be surprised if he had heard me, I was mumbling very quietly. "Im just glad I didnt get on the ride with some crazy fangirl. Heights arent really that great for me, and being with a screaming girl wouldnt help either. If you didn't know, I'm Harry." He raised his hand for me to shake. "I'm Kaylee." I grabbed his hand, shook it softly, and blushed. The ride started to move in circles, and I realized I didnt have a lot of time with Harry. "I love heights, I actually work here but i still love to come... Just to feel the calming sensation of the ride." Ilooked off to the side and closed my eyes to feel the wind. "Here look!" I grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him closer. He stared at my hand then glanced back up to look at me. I couldnt read his emotions. "Oh sorry, I got a little out of hand. I think i like this ride a little too much." I slightly chuckled at myself, blushed, and let go of his hand to turn my face away so he couldn't see. "No no no, I think it's awesome that you work here. Ferris wheels are fun, but I just dont enjoy heights too much. I was kinda forced on the ride." He laughed. "And I do wanna know what it feels like." He scooted closer to me untili could feel his breath on my neck. I shivered, and he closed his eyes and let the wind hit his face.

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