I'll Hold onto The Memory

Kaylee has always loved to be up high, it helped her feel relieved and free. Being the one girl who gets to ride on a ferris wheel with Harry Styles may sound like a dream come true, but being stuck on one may not be best no matter who you are with.


5. Free

Harry... I think I'm gonna be sick..." I started gagging. I was done being on this ride. I was feeling very overwhelmed. "Please don't, I'll get sick too. Is there anything I can do?" I had my head leaning over the side, in case I get sick. "Can you just hold me?" He hesitated, then slid his arm around me. He awkwardly patted my back as I was gagging over the side. "This just keeps getting better and better doesn't it..." I mentioned through coughs. I heard Harry laugh behind me. "This ride is giving me a headache..." Harry groaned. "I'm thinking about jumping off when we are at the bottom..." I turned and looked at him. "That may not be the worst idea!" I exclaimed, immediately after I swayed my head to the side and actually did get sick. After a moment I wiped my mouth and looked back at Harry. "Nevermind... I don't  think I can jump. We were about to pass the ground again. A couple of guys were talking right by the side. "Will you stop talking and get us off this ride?!" Harry started screaming. "Harry settle down..." I grabbed his arm. I felt him tense up, then relax. " I'm sorry, I just really don't think I can handle this anymore." He placed his head in his hands. I looked back at the side again. How could I have ever loved this ride so much? I don't think I'm going to ever be able to ride this again... Harry and I couldn't even talk because of how this ride was making us act. The ride seemed to be slowing down, and we finally stopped on the side of the ride. I jumped onto my feet. "HARRY!" His head snapped up to me. "The fire department ladder can reach us now!" I started squealing. "Really?" Harry jumped up too. "We are going to get off the ride!" Harry hugged me, and we heard lots of cheering and whistling below. Harry and I looked over the edge, waiting for the ladder to come up. "Hey I see it!" I pointed at the ladder coming up. "Kaylee, you need to stay with me once we get off. I'm going to get you this job." His stare was making me uncomfortable. "Harry... I can't." I kept my eyes at the ladder. "He turned my face toward him. "Please, you just need to stay with me." I sighed. "We are going to have to see if it works out." I watched him smile as the ladder fully reached us. "You can go down first." Harry stepped back. I happily climbed on to the ladder and started to make my way down. I felt a slight vibration once Harry stepped on. This is another one of those moments that are going to be hard to forget. My foot slipped slightly and I swear my heart skipped a beat. I hugged the ladder for just a moment. "You okay?" I heard Harry shout from above. "Doing okay!" I shouted back. Finally I took a step onto the ground, and had to sit down. A moment later Harry came down and sat by me. Out of no where, reporters and paparazzi started asking us questions. "Please! We have just been stuck on a ride for more than 4 hours!" Harry practically screamed. People calmed down for a moment, but then it got crazy again not a moment later. Harry picked me up and started running the opposite direction. "Now lets find you a bathroom." I laid
my head on his chest and smiled.

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