Searching For Morning.

Story plot.
A girl named Elliot lived a hush life. She was quiet. Shy. Secretive. She had something to her, that separated her from the rest. She had, spunk. Elliot was a demon. She was in the form of a human, but hidden behind that beautiful face was a demon. She didn't choose to have a demon. But she did. A real demon. She had two of her. She had control over both. But one gave her a sense of evil. She was born a human. But the demon was always inside. It wasn't some unfamiliar demon that crawled inside of her. She knew who and what it was. It was her. A different her. But her. She hated herself. She was a minion of the devil. Her mother was the same way. She had an inner demon. She was forever associated and related to the most gruesome, horrifying creatures. All Elliot ever dreamed of, was being an angel. She wanted God to love her like he did the other children. God thought she was just another demon, meant to do wrong. Elliot was sweet and kind hearted. But her demon deprived he


2. first day.

i eagerly walked into the office.

"i'm new. im here to pick up my schedule." i speaked, quietly.

"name." the woman at the desk asked in a voice of bordum.

"Elliot Peccator." i whispered. my last name, Peccator, was "sinner" in latin. a few seconds later my schedule was passed to me over the desk. i picked it up and walked to my first class, PE, great...

when i got to PE everyone was already stretching out, so the teacher just told me to sit off to the side. so basically all i did 1st period was sit and watch people work out. my next class was English. once subject i actually enjoy, sometimes. i walked into class and went up to the teacher.

"um hi, im new. where do i sit?" i asked.

"oh um choose any open seat." she said with a smile. so i made my way to the very back of the classroom in the corner. i plopped down in my seat and waited for class to start. when the bell rang, the boy with the blue eyes i saw earlier sat next to me. he looked at me but i quickly looked away. i slumped down in my chair and tried to pay attention for about 10 minutes, then started writing in my journal. eventually the bell rang and as i was getting up the boy with the blue eyes came up to me.

"what's your schedule?" he asked. i merely handed him my schedule. he looked it over and smiled at the paper.

"we have all the same classes. is it ok if we walk with you?" he asked. i wondered what he meant by we, when a small girl peered out from behind him.

"oh, sure." i said, forcing a smile. their friendliness scared me. the small girl had long blonde hair, and probably the lightest blue eyes ive ever seen. her face had such a heavenly, glowing essence to it. it frightened me. They looked related.

i picked up my books and my bag and walked with each of them by my side. i had the slight suspicion that they were going to kidnap me, or something along those lines.

"your name?" the boy asked.

"Elliot.." i said. i never really liked my name all that much. it sounded like a boys name.

"last name?" the girl asked.

"Peccator." i whispered. i wasnt crazy about my first name, and i sure as hell wasnt insane about my last. it was "sinner" in latin, and it only reminded me more of what i am. after i said my last name, they both stared at each other in shock. it worried me but i decided to let it pass.

"what are you names?" i asked. if they were going to make me spill mine, they were to do the same.

"crystal salvator." she said proudly. i knew her last name sounded extremely familiar. "salvator" repeated in my head.

"and yours?" i asked the boy, who i had yet to know his name.

"Clint Custos." he said, looking me in the eye. both of their last names seemed too familiar to me.

they walked me to all my classes. lunch was a bit more exciting. we sat up in the trees in the back of the school and talked about school assignments. i was a fan of talking, especially about work, but the whole tree thing was cool. when i got home, i ran up to my room like very other day. i threw my stuff on my bed and opened up my laptop.

i typed in: google translate.

i first translated "salvator", pressed translate, and what popped up shocked me.

her last name meant "savior" in latin. then, out of curiosity typed in "Custos".

the results also frightened me. his name meant "Guardian" in latin.

i then remembered to a time when i was young. i was about 9 and my mother was telling me a story, of how she dreamed of being an angel. at the time i didnt know i was a demon, so this all seemed like a metaphor. but now i understand. she wanted to be and angel, not a demon. i can understand where shes coming from, i dont like being a demon either. just knowing that im related and associated with some of the most gruesome creatures imagined sickens me. when growing up, my mom would always tell me stories of the angles. how pure and wonderful they were. how they didnt look like regular people, they looked so perfect. my mother used to tell me that God didnt love the demons like he loved the angels. he loved the angels because they were his pure children, made to protect, help, and save anyone in a time of crisis or trouble. he didnt love the demons that way. mother told me he loved the demons out of pity. he felt bad for their forever damned souls. we never died though. some demons stay in hell. others are living on earth, in human forms, but we never die, unless our soul is let free; which doesnt happen unless the devil has a change of heart, or God sets us free. both in which will never happen.

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