Searching For Morning.

Story plot.
A girl named Elliot lived a hush life. She was quiet. Shy. Secretive. She had something to her, that separated her from the rest. She had, spunk. Elliot was a demon. She was in the form of a human, but hidden behind that beautiful face was a demon. She didn't choose to have a demon. But she did. A real demon. She had two of her. She had control over both. But one gave her a sense of evil. She was born a human. But the demon was always inside. It wasn't some unfamiliar demon that crawled inside of her. She knew who and what it was. It was her. A different her. But her. She hated herself. She was a minion of the devil. Her mother was the same way. She had an inner demon. She was forever associated and related to the most gruesome, horrifying creatures. All Elliot ever dreamed of, was being an angel. She wanted God to love her like he did the other children. God thought she was just another demon, meant to do wrong. Elliot was sweet and kind hearted. But her demon deprived he


1. waking up again.

*sorry for the shortness of this chapter, chapter 2 will also be fairly short. the cause of the shortness is because 1 its late and 2 im working on a fan fiction.*

"BLLEEEHHHHHH!" i groaned, getting up out of bed. i was never rested. mainly due to the lack of sleep i got every night. staying up til 3 every morning, then falling asleep for another 2 hours isnt really the best sleep pattern. today i start at my new school. mt. Eden high. sounds pretty cool i guess. i got up, slugishly, and slumped over to my bathroom. i washed my face, then brushed my teeth. boy did i look like shit. its mornings like this that i think my demon self looks better than me. but that was an exaggeration. i then slapped on my dark make up. now for hair. i put my hair up in a little pony tail, because of the shortness of my hair, straightened my bangs and any other hair that was hanging free, and slipped a black beanie over the pony tail and top, only exposing my bangs. i normally kept my bangs pushed of to the side, which i was doing today. im not going to show up on my first day looking like cousin itt from the addams family.

i then got dressed in a black button up shirt, and black ripped skinny jeans. i looked semi- decent for my first day. i packed my book bag and headed out the door. i dont usually eat breakfast. even though i never get enough sleep, and im always up, i dont have time for breakfast.

ive decided to walk to school. its really close, so its pointless to drive. when i arrive i look across the lot and see a tall boy with light brown hair look my way. we make the awkwardest eye contact, but long enough so i can see the color of his eyes. his eyes are blue. probably the most beautiful blue ive ever seen. his eyes looked so gentle. i quickly looked away, because just because i enjoyed the sight of his eyes, didnt mean he enjoyed the sight of mine. my eyes were a bit more firery. they were light brown, almost a brown, but they had tints of red in them. my mom told me i looked evil, but she has the same eyes. i dont know why i became such a nervous reck right when the bell rang. well, time to get my schedule.

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