Finding hope

Elaina was in the 8th grade, and hated it. she was failing, bullied, losing her best friend, and walked home everyday to an abusive household. She hated herself. everyday, she just wanted everything to end. She had one friend only. She was dying inside. She knew it. And she didn't do anything to stop it. Until one boy saved her, and gave her hope for her life.


2. The end

I could hear the crunch of the snow underneath my boots. I was on my way home, and taking my time. I wasn't afraid to cry here. Nobody couldtell my red nose and glassy eyes weren't from the cold. I scrunched my arms farther into my sleeves. 

No matter how slow I walked, my house was getting bigger and bigger. Big enough to notice that there weren't any cars in the driveway. I walked up on my porch and got into my house, instantly feeling warmer. But along with that, the sniffles became tears. The tears became bawls. I had nothing going for me. Along with everything, my best friend was spending less and less time with me. My only friend. I decided to call her.


"Hello?" Meghan answered.

"Hey, its me."

"Oh what's up? Are you ok?"

No, i'm not. "Yeah, i'm doing fine." My voiced cracked on the last word and i couldn't help but crying.

"Elaina? What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"Everything's wrong! I'm crying, because of everything! I'm sorry, I just can't do this anymore!"

"Elaina?" I hit the end button. I took out random things of pills. I didn't care what they were. I swallowed one. Two. Three. Ten. Then, all of a sudden i heard a huge knock on the door. My hands started shaking two times harder. Was it my dad? Then the door broke open. There was a police man next to a sniffling Meghan. There was an anbulence behind her. She wouldn't make eye contact with me, she just stared at her shoes and wiped her eyes. Then the man took me away.

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