Finding hope

Elaina was in the 8th grade, and hated it. she was failing, bullied, losing her best friend, and walked home everyday to an abusive household. She hated herself. everyday, she just wanted everything to end. She had one friend only. She was dying inside. She knew it. And she didn't do anything to stop it. Until one boy saved her, and gave her hope for her life.


1. Overflow

I swung my backpack off my shoulder and started getting my stuff out. Then I noticed a voice that was directed to me.

"Hey, Elaina! Why are you so ugly? Nobody likes you!" Her devious face turned into a smirk. My ponytail whipped back around and i rolled my eyes. I took my stuff and headed to my seat in the back of the class. I threw my head back and wiped the bottom of my eyes. It doesn't matter. It was the kind of time when, no matter how much you tried to suck it up, no matter how much you ignored it, you started to tear up. But I'm fine. Really, it's nothing new. 

"Aww, is she crying? Did you look in the mirror? It's ok, really! You get used to it after a while." she laughed and threw her perfect wavy brown hair around her shoulder as she turned around. her dress hugged her dody and danced around her waist as she walked. She glanced back over at me for a second as she raised her eyebrow and her lip curved up on one side. "Pathetic." she shrugged and moved on.

I couldn't concentrate for the rest of the class.

God, this has gone on for too long. Everything has. My bad grades, my parents, her. Everything. I just want it to end. All of it. I'm so done.

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