Perfect Finding

When Brooke goes to England for abroad, she wasn't exactly expecting to see Louis Tomlinson, who she had no idea who he was. This was not want she expected


1. Chapter 1

My mom dropped me off at the airport early in the morning. We said our goodbyes and then I was off to another continent. I was studying abroad in england and I couldn't be more excited. I was a bit nervous but not too badly. I went through security and waited for my plane. It was 4 am and I was really tired so I closed my eyes for a second.
I woke up to a boy shaking my shoulder.
"sorry to wake you babe" a cute boy with a British accent said " but is this your flight?"
"last call for the flight to London" a voice said over the intercom
"oh crap yes!" i grabbed my bag and rushed to catch my flight "thank you so much"
"I'm on this flight too" the boy followed me to the plane
"i could tell " I smiled
He laughed "a bit obvious from my voice"
"only a little" I laughed "my name is Brooke”
"I'm louis" he shook your hand "what seat are you in?" he asked when we boarded the plane
"umm" i checked my ticket "seat 14 C"
"I'm 14B" Louis smiled
"that's a coincidence" i laughed. Our seats were across the isle from each other so he was sitting beside me with the isle between us. I took my seat beside an elderly lady and Louis sat beside a very buff man who looked like he was friends with Louis.
The flight attendant did all the regular safety instructions and we started to take off. I was kind of scared of airplanes and definitely not a fan of taking off. I closed my eyes and held into the seat and I could feel the pressure as the airplane left the ground and went up into the sky.
I felt a hand reach out and touch mine. It was louis. " you okay?" he whispered
"yeah" I smiled "I just hate taking off but I'm fine now"
"I used to be scared too but I've had to learn to cope because of my job. It involves a lot of planes" Louis said
"what do you do?" I asked
"I'm a singer in a band"
"really?" I smiled "that's so cool! What band?"
"one direction. We were just here to film our music video because people don't know us in America"
"i will have to buy your album when we get to England" I smiled
"we haven't released our album yet. I don't want to sound like I'm promoting myself" Louis laughed" but Our single is coming out next week."
"i will be listening for it" i smiled "and now you have to tell me your whole story of how you became a band and how you got signed. I don't want to feel like a loser in England when I don't know anything about you" i laughed
"are you sure? It's long and I don't want to seem like-"
"i asked so its okay " you cut him off.
"okay" Louis smiled "get comfortable"
He started off with telling me the story of competing on x factor and auditioning as solo artists then being out together as a band. Then how they came in third and got signed anyways and now their making their album.
"see long story" Louis laughed
"it was interesting though!" I smiled " and it killed an hour of this flight!" i laughed
"only nine more to go!" Louis cheered
We both laughed. "so why are you going London?" he asked
"I'm studying abroad for a semester!" I said smiling
"that's exciting!" Louis smiled "we'll
have to keep in touch and you'll have to show me around the university once you get settled. All my friends are in university and bragging to me about it."
"sure" I smiled. We exchanged numbers and then we just talked for hours. We didnt talk too much about his career but mostly about London and just random things like our favorite music and about our childhood. It's funny how much you can learn about someone on a flight. Louis was hilarious silly and really cute. I would be lying if I said I didn't have a crush on him. I didn't really want to make a move on him because I was just going to university in a whole new country and from what he said i could tell he was going to be busy with work releasing his single. But i wouldn't stop him if he made a move on me.
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