Love at first sight

Clara Lockwood didn't expect to fall in love at a resturant but when she meets Niall Horan from One Direction she can't stop thinking about him. She knew she would never see him again but when she takes a plane to England she finds out he is sitting right next to her. Will they keep in touch or not? Will they fall for each other?


4. New Friend

Clara's P.O.v

I looked for my name on a sign. I saw it and then went up to him. "Are you Clara Lockwood?" he asked me. "Yes that's me" I said with a smile. He lead me to a moving truck that had all my stuff. I had already picked an apartment to live in before I got here so i was all set. We got to my new apartment and started to unload all my furniture and boxes. Once that was done the movers left. I was now alone in an apartment with boxes everywhere. I got really board fast so I decided to walk to the mall. I saw the mall when we passed it and it looked pretty close. I walked in and it was huge. I started to walk in and saw a phone store. Might as well not wait. I walked in and looked at all the phones. I decided to get the IPhone 4/s. I payed for it then I went to other stores. I went into Hollister and got some jeans and a sweat shirt. I went into Forever 21 and saw these really cute shirts. I couldn't decide on which one to get. "You should get the striped one, its really cute" a girl aid behind me. I turned around to see who it was. I saw she was wearing sunglasses but i didn't think of asking. "Thank you" i said. She gave me a smile and we started to talk. We spent pretty much the whole time together. Her name was Eleanor. We stopped at a store and saw some One Direction Shirts. I looked at it and then Eleanor came beside me and looked at it. "Which one do you like?" she asked me. "Niall, and you?" I asked blushing a little. "I like Louis" she said with a smile. We kept on walking after that. When we finally finished and she gave me her number and i gave her mine. She had to write it on a piece of paper because I didn't even start my phone up. I put mine in her phone and we walked our separate ways. This reminded me of earlier at the airport. When me and Niall walked the opposite ways. I hope I get to see her again, though I probably will. I walked back to my apartment and put my bags down. I got my new phone and started to put all my new contacts in. I put my mom, dad, Niall, Eleanor, and more. I started to unpack some boxes but got too tired to finish. I texted Niall then To: Niall Hye it's Clara. Once I sent that I got a text back quixkly. Form: Niall Hey whats up? To: Niall Oh nothing just finished unpacking some boxes, you? From: Niall Just got back form rehearsals To: Niall Nice I met a new friend today at the mall From: Niall Really? Do you want to come and hang out wit the boys? I knew what he meant when he says the boys. From: Niall Louis is bringing his girlfriend so you can meet her too To: Niall that would be great but I don't have a car From: Niall I can Pick you up where do you live? I gave him my address and he got here within 15 minutes. Once he got here we went to Harry's flat. He lead me up to the door and he opened it. I could hear a bunch of laughing before we went in. The place was huge and then Niall lead me to the living are where everybody else was. I saw this girl there with her back to me. "We are here" Niall said and everybody turned to look at me. When the girl turned around I saw that it was Eleanor and we just stood there shocked to see each other here. So Eleanor is Louis girlfriend

Niall's P.O.V

Once we got back to the hotel I couldn't wait for Clara to text me. I knew she had o get her phone first but I just wanted to talk to her. Liam said we had rehearsals so we headed off. Once we got back I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I checked and it was Clara. I must have looked to excited because Harry noticed. "Who is it Niall?" he asked. "Non of your business"  I told him. "Just a question" he said. I left to my room and texted her. To: Clara Hey whats up? i asked. From: Clara Oh nothing just finished unpacking some boxes, you? To: Clara ust got back form rehearsals From: Clara Nice I met a new friend today at the mall To : Clara Really? Do you want to come and hang out wit the boys? I hope she says yes. To: Clara Louis is bringing his girlfriend so you can meet her too. I told her that Louis girlfriend is coming because I knew they would become good friends. Form: Clara that would be great but I don't have a car To: Clara I can Pick you up where do you live? She told me where she lived then I went to pick her up. It took me 15 minutes to get to her apartment and it wasn't that big. I knocked on her door and she looked the same as before. We got into my car and drove to  Harry's flat. Once we got there I lead her to the door. As i opened the door I heard laughing and hoped they did not embarrass me. I lead her to the living area and they were all there. "We are here" I said, they all turned to look at us and then Eleanor turned around. She looked at Clara and they both looked shock to see each other. So this is her friend.

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