Love at first sight

Clara Lockwood didn't expect to fall in love at a resturant but when she meets Niall Horan from One Direction she can't stop thinking about him. She knew she would never see him again but when she takes a plane to England she finds out he is sitting right next to her. Will they keep in touch or not? Will they fall for each other?


1. At the resturant

Clara's P.O.V

We were driving to my favorite sushi resturant for my 19th birthday. I was wearing a short black dress with silver stilettos. We got seated and ordered our drinks. I looked over my mom's shoulder and saw some handsome boys sitting there. I looked at the blond one and he seemed to see me so I looked away quickly. I had to go to the restroom but my mom kept talking about how much she is going to miss me when I leave to England in 2 days and blah blah blah. I had to go really bad so I said "Sorry, but I have to use the restroom."

Niall's P.O.V

We went to a sushi resturant because I got hungry and kept complaining. I sat down and the first thing I notice is a girl sitting at the table in front of me. She looked at me and then quickly turned her head away. She had beautiful brown hair and amazing green eyes. I was looking at her for a while and then Louis snapped me out of my trance. "So that is who you are looking at huh Niall?" he asked. "Shut up" I said while giving him a playfully punch him on the arm. I saw that she was getting up so I made an excuse to go talk to her.

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