This Is To Good To Be True

Sara finds out she wins One Direction tickets through a radio contest and when she goes to the concert she gets a little suprise and she starts to fall for one of the boys


3. Something's Wrong

Sara's POV: So Harry called  and wants to meet for breakfast. I cant believe this is really happening. I thought I was dreaming. The next morning I woke up and got a text from Harry saying morning beautiful dont forget our date. I jumped out of bed and got dressed quickly I showed up early and sat down at the table and ordered two coffees. Harry showed up 10 mins late he said he lost track of time. We sat talking for about a hour when he looked at me and started to say something but he couldnt talk for some reason. Then he ran out of the coffee shop so I ran after him. After running after him for about 5 mins I found him hiding and he was crying....

Harry's POV:It was the next day and I was with the lads playing soccer then I realized I was gonna be late for my breakfast date. I ran in the house grabbed my keys and headed towards my car. When I showed up Sara was already there and man did she look beautiful. I walked inside and smiled and sat down next to her. We talked for about a hour and I thought to myself that this was the one she was the one I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. I stared into her beautiful blue eyes and wanted to tell her but I couldnt. I ran out of the shop. I couldnt let this happen to me again, I didnt want to get hurt again. Ive been running for a while, I found an alley and hid. I didnt want Sara to see me like this. The next thing I know shes sitting next to me hugging me and asking whats wrong. I couldnt tell her no way I just cant...

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