This Is To Good To Be True

Sara finds out she wins One Direction tickets through a radio contest and when she goes to the concert she gets a little suprise and she starts to fall for one of the boys


5. Feelings

Sara's POV: So I was sitting on my bed with Harry,listening to why he got upset and ran away this morning. I felt so bad, I mean why would someone do this to him. I asked Harry if he wanted to stay over and he did. We went down stairs and sat on the couch. "So what you wanna do? You can pick anything." I said. "How about we sit on the couch and watch movies all day and cuddle." Harry suggested. I kinda liked that idea but I was a little nervous. I mean he was in a big famous boyband, but I decided to do it. We started watching my favorite movie Toy Story. I layed my head on his shoulders and he put his arms around me. I got up to go pop some popcorn when all of a sudden Harry came up behind me and scared me. "Omg Harry you scared me!" I yelled. "Im sorry I was trying not to scare you." He said. All of a sudden we looked into each others eyes and then we kissed. Wow I cant believe I just kissed Harry Styles. He pulled away and bam he told me he loved me.


Harry's POV:It felt really good to tell Sara why I was upset. We decided to go downstairs and watch movies all day. We sat watching Toy Story and Sara got up to make some popcorn. God I really think im in love, Ive only known her for a day but it feels like its been months. I need to tell her how I feel about her soon or else it will be to late. I got up and snuck behind her and I guess I scared her. When we looked into each others eyes we kissed. I pulled away and it slipped out of my mouth. "I love you." I said Omg what did I just do? It was to soon to tell her this. What if she didnt feel the same way? "Sara, I need to tell you something." I said "What is it Harry?" She asked. "Okay ever since the concert I couldnt stop thinking about you. Your amazing, sweet, beautiful and funny. I really like you and would really love to have a chance with you." I told her. She looked at me and said "I'd love that too."




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