This Is To Good To Be True

Sara finds out she wins One Direction tickets through a radio contest and when she goes to the concert she gets a little suprise and she starts to fall for one of the boys


4. Afraid Of Getting Hurt

Sara's POV: What's wrong with Harry? Why was he crying? Did I do something to make him upset? "Hey whats wrong? Why are you crying?" I asked "Im so sorry for this. Your a sweet girl and your beautiful but I just dont know." he said I was really confused what was going on? I stood up and put my hand out to help him up off the ground. "Lets get out of here its a little creepy" I said we walked around for a little bit until we got to my house. It was already 12pm. He gave me a kiss on my cheek and took me up to my room. We sat on my bed talking until he told me why he was upset.


Harry's POV: We started to walk to her house it was almost noon. When we got to her house I took her up to her room. We started talking for a little bit until I started to tell her why I was upset earlier. "Ok here goes, about a month ago I was dating this girl Kylie, I thought she was the right one for me but I guess not," I said, "well it was our 10 month anniversary I went up to her house with a big teddy bear and flowers. Then I saw her making out with another guy." I said "Omg im so sorry what happen after that?" Sara asked "Well I knocked on the door and she opened it I was so angry I wanted to kill the guy. I started to cry and ran off and hid by a tree. Kylie came after me and I didnt want to talk to her. She kept trying to talk to me and I just kept screaming go away I dont want to talk I hate you" I said "Oh Im so sorry I feel so bad, I cant believe she did that on your 10 month anniversary." she said  "no dont, I should be the one that feels bad cause I didnt hate her I loved her with all my heart. I was just upset and seeing her do that hurt me and I was afraid of being hurt again." I said

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