Summer Love

Hi this is my first movella and i am 12 years old so i hope that it is good and everyone who reads it loves it(sorry if there is bad grammar and spelling)...PLEASE NO HATE!
5 best friends Leea, Marleigh, Jade, Drew and Paige are all in grade 12. Leea's family owns a cottage on lake Ontario and Leea and her friends and maybe One Direction are spending the summer there. But Leea's family is moving to Paris and she doesn't think that everyone is ready to hear it... so read more to find out!! <3


5. The Willow Trees

I was woken up by a cold, wet, muscular body picking me up bridal style and my eyes shot open. They opened to find a blue eyed, brown haired boy.

"Louis what are doing?!" i asked. he looked down and i gazed into his beautiful, childish eyes. I felt my stomach turning, I didn't know what he was doing, i looked down to see we were stomach deep in water. I was lost in the moment when Louis yelled "Harry catch" and before i knew it i was flying in mid air towards Harry, and i started screaming. I then was in his arms and he carried me to the willow tree were all of the food and stuff were. We both dried off then everyone joined us. It was starting to get dark so Marleigh led us somewhere else because she had something to show us. She stopped at a group of willow trees and it looked beautiful and it was very romantic. We all set our stuff under the willow trees and just hung out.

"Hey guys stay here i will be back in a second" Marleigh said walking off into the beautiful, dark forest. We heard rustling in the bushes and then the willow trees lit up and soft music started playing quietly. Marleigh came back to where we were sitting.

"Marleigh why is this set up here anyways?" I asked

"My cousins used to bring their girlfriends back here(they are all guys)" She said

"So you brought us here why?" Paige asked

"I don't know" she walked over to a large tree, kicked her flip flops off and started climbing it.

"Um what are you doing?"Liam asked

"Getting sleeping bags" She said throwing them down

"What else would i be climbing a tree for?... wait, that sounded alot better in my head" then she climbed down the tree.

We set up our sleeping bags and started to eat food from the cooler.

"How are we going to get back to town?" Paige asked

"I don't know we will just have to walk until our phones get service" I answered

"Or we could hitch hike?" Zayn suggested

"Ya that's a good idea"" Niall said sarcastically 

"Someone go climb that tree and see if you get service" Paige suggested

"I will!" Harry shouted. He started climbing then got to the second branch which snapped and caused him to fall on his but.

"Ya lets ditch that plan" Paige said laughing

"Good idea" Harry said in pain walking back to us and sitting down. We all fell silent thinking of ways to get home. I was in deep thought when Marleigh started laughing.

"You guys are so stupid" She said

"We can just walk to my uncles house and use the phone there"

We all started to laugh a little too.

"Ugh i am so tired" Drew said flopping down on her sleeping bag

"Ya i guess we should get some sleep" I suggested. So we all slowly got into our sleeping bags and after about 10 mins. i slowly drifted off to sleep

*My Dream*

All i see is 2 little girls throwing rose petals from small baskets onto to the ground as i walk down the aisle behind them. I look up ahead to see who the groom is but i couldn't through my veil in front of my face. Got to the platform were he was standing and he slowly lifted up my veil and to my surprise there was Louis in front of my smiling his childish smile. I was lost in the moment when i heard the minister say "You may now kiss the bride" Then before i knew it my lips were pressed against Louis'

*End of Dream*

My eyes quickly shot open

"Whoa i need to take a walk!" I quietly whispered to myself. I stood up fully awake and stepped over Drew and Paige trying not to wake them up. I started walking and humming to myself 'Thrift Shop' to try and take my mind off of my unexpected dream./ I then heard rustling in the bushes behind me.



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