Summer Love

Hi this is my first movella and i am 12 years old so i hope that it is good and everyone who reads it loves it(sorry if there is bad grammar and spelling)...PLEASE NO HATE!
5 best friends Leea, Marleigh, Jade, Drew and Paige are all in grade 12. Leea's family owns a cottage on lake Ontario and Leea and her friends and maybe One Direction are spending the summer there. But Leea's family is moving to Paris and she doesn't think that everyone is ready to hear it... so read more to find out!! <3


3. The Hotel Awkwardness

We arrived at the boys hotel and took the stairs. Wherever we go together and there is stairs we always take them instead of the elevator.(1. because we want to get some "exercise" and 2.Drew is afraid of the elevator) We found the boys room and i knocked on their door.Louis answered the door.

"Welcome to Direction Inn! May i take your bags please?" Louis said jokingly

"Um Louis we don't have bags and we are here to come pick you up. But it doesn't seem like you want to come because your in your onesy"

" Oh i want to come!" he said ripping his onesy off to reveille his perfectly toned body.

"oh...ok um Louis i think you are going to kill Drew so put that back on."

(Drew told us that she thought that Louis was hot... they were all hot)

Louis and i both looked at Drew who was blushing.

"ok are we ready to go?" Paige said awkwardly

"ya i will just get the boys" Louis said going to another room, which i was guessing was Niall and Liam's. he knocked on their door and they opened it and to my surprise they had perfectly toned abs as well. Marleigh, Drew, Jade, Paige, and I all looked at each other and i think we were all thinking the same thing "This was going to be fun! and they are all hot"

"um maybe you guys can put shirts on cause its cooling down out there ( I was just lying it was really hot out there i just wanted them to put shirts on because i think we would all faint)"

they all went back in and their rooms and came out with t-shirts on. i kind of wanted them to not have shirts on but at the same time i did.

" are we ready to go?" Harry said coming out of his room with no shirt on 

"Harry didn't Leea say that we should wear shirts?" Niall said confused 

"oh i checked out the balcony and it was really hot out side so i'm just going to leave it off"

"oh ha ha i guess i was just a little cooler when we came out" i said obviously  lying, so they all took their shirts off and just threw it in the rooms. i guess it wasn't that bad we will be seeing them when we are swimming.

"What beach do you guys want to go to?" i asked

"i have heard of this place called Sandy Beach. i don't know where it is though" Liam said 

"here i will put it in my iPhone. it should tell me" i said 

*Sandy Beach Ontario Canada*

"ok its in but it looks like it is hard to find"

"Thats ok we will find it* Harry said determined. We got out of the hotel and down to the car.

" Umm Leea the car is only meant  for 7 people and there is 10 of us."

"oh ...ok we can ma-

"Well looks like i'm sitting on someones lap!" Marleigh said cutting me of

"I'm driving!" Harry said

"Shotgun!" Paige said

          Louis, Liam and Niall all sat in the back then in the middle Zayn and Jade so Drew, Marleigh and i all needed somewhere to sit so i sat on Niall's lap, Marleigh sat on Liam's lap and Drew sat on Louis' lap. 




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