Summer Love

Hi this is my first movella and i am 12 years old so i hope that it is good and everyone who reads it loves it(sorry if there is bad grammar and spelling)...PLEASE NO HATE!
5 best friends Leea, Marleigh, Jade, Drew and Paige are all in grade 12. Leea's family owns a cottage on lake Ontario and Leea and her friends and maybe One Direction are spending the summer there. But Leea's family is moving to Paris and she doesn't think that everyone is ready to hear it... so read more to find out!! <3


4. Our Beachy Adventure

Niall's P.O.V.

It'a kind of awkward having a girl that i just met sitting on my lap but then again its not as awkward as it could be, i mean come on she is pretty hot. Louis and Liam were probably thinking the same thing.

"um guys i think were out of gas" Harry said as we slowly came to a stop

"And now we're stuck in the middle of know where! Thanks alot Harry!" Paige yelled

"Ya!" everyone else yelled

"Hey guys this is my Uncle's farm" Marleigh said

"And i know were there is a creek"

"Ya that's a good idea, we should just make the best of it" I said

"come on follow me" She said hopping the fence

"Ugh Marleigh are you sure this is safe?" Zayn asked 

"And legal?"Jade said

"Ya it will be fine trust me"

"Ok well let us get the food and stuff" I said

"Well someone get over here and help me get the food over the fence"

"I will" Liam said jumping the fence

          We got everything over and followed Marleigh across the field then into the woods down a path. 

"Marleigh how much longer?" Harry complained

"We are here right know" Marleigh said

"But there's no creek here" Paige said. Marleigh pulled back the branches of a willow tree to reveal a creek with a large dock, tire swing and 2 paddle boats.

Leea's P.O.V. 

"Have i been here before?" i asked

"Ya remember i had my 16th birthday party in the field then it got dark so we came back here?"

"Ugh i remember being in the feild just not here?"

"Ya that would be because you got wasted within the first half hour of being here"

"Oh... aha...ha"

The boys started to crack up.

"So lets go swimming!" Jade said running down the dock

"Ugh i think i'll just stay and tan"I said

"Ya me to" Marleigh said. we all started taking off our clothes and the guys started to stare.

"are you guys just going to stare at us or are you going swimming to?" I said blushing

"Oh...ah ya" Niall said as he walked away. We set up our towels and tanned while watching everybody swim and beforre i knew it my i eyes were getting heavy and i dosed off.


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