Summer Love

Hi this is my first movella and i am 12 years old so i hope that it is good and everyone who reads it loves it(sorry if there is bad grammar and spelling)...PLEASE NO HATE!
5 best friends Leea, Marleigh, Jade, Drew and Paige are all in grade 12. Leea's family owns a cottage on lake Ontario and Leea and her friends and maybe One Direction are spending the summer there. But Leea's family is moving to Paris and she doesn't think that everyone is ready to hear it... so read more to find out!! <3


2. Getting Ready for the Beach


The boys left and we were all in my room just talking and getting ready for bed."I have a feeling this is going to be an awesome summer" Said Jade.

"yeah I think so too" I said.

"We should invite them to go to the beach tomorrow!" Marleigh said.

"That's a great idea" said Paige.

" I can't believe that we just met our favorite band One Direction!" Drew said

"I know right, like out of all of the insurance brokers it had to be my mom, that worked with them!" I said. After About 20 minutes of talking we all fell asleep.

~Next Morning~

It was 10 am when i woke up so i went down stairs because I smelt bacon and pancakes. "mmm, what smells so good?" I asked my mom

"We are having bacon and pancakes!"She said. So i guessed right. Marleigh and Drew were awake before i was so they helped my mom cook breakfast."Mom we are all going to the beach today with the boys so can i borrow your car because we wont all fit in my car,

"Oooo someone is getting awful close to the boys!" My mom joked. Marleigh and drew were peeing themselves laughing.Jade and Paige just came down when Drew and Marleigh were laughing.

"What are you guys laughing about?" Paige asked. My mom flipped her hair really weirdly and says

"I hear that you girls are getting close to my clients!"In a really funny voice. When my mom said that Jade and Paige started laughing with me, Drew and Marleigh.

"Its not funny! We are all just friends and we don't even know them!.Oh and can we use your car mom because mine isn't big enough?"

"Sure thing"She said. After we were all done eating breakfast we went up to my room to get ready for the beach. We got all of the guys numbers so i texted Zayn to ask if they wanted to go to the beach with us.


Me: Hey Zayn its Leea we r going 2 the beach if u guys wanted to come with us?

Zayn: Sure that sounds good i think the boys want to 

Me: K we will pick you up at 12:30... wait we don't know where u r staying???

Zayn: We r staying at The Toronto Hotel room 669

Me: K thanks see u soon... i like your room # lol

Zayn: Me to ;) 


"The boys are coming with us".I said

"Okay sounds good" Said Drew

"What Beach should we go to?"Paige asked

" I don't know we will see what the boys want to do"Jade said

"Okay" I said 

I wore a strapless,  purple and blue flowery bathing suit , Drew wore a light blue with white polka dots bathing suit, Paige wore a dark green bathing suit, Jade wore a strapless yellow bathing suit and Marleigh wore an aqua with ruffles at the top bathing suit and we all wore a big t-shirt on top and shorts.

"I'm exited" I said.

"Me too" Marleigh said.

"I think we should pack food" Jade suggested. Jade is the kind of girl that eats alot but she just stays skinny, so we all hate her for that. We all packed food in my moms big cooler and packed everything in my moms car and headed to the boys hotel.

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