Summer Love

Hi this is my first movella and i am 12 years old so i hope that it is good and everyone who reads it loves it(sorry if there is bad grammar and spelling)...PLEASE NO HATE!
5 best friends Leea, Marleigh, Jade, Drew and Paige are all in grade 12. Leea's family owns a cottage on lake Ontario and Leea and her friends and maybe One Direction are spending the summer there. But Leea's family is moving to Paris and she doesn't think that everyone is ready to hear it... so read more to find out!! <3


1. ?Special Company?

Leea's P.O.V

          Hello my name is Leea Ruddell, I am 18 years old, I have long curly brown hair and i have blue eyes. I live in Ontario Canada with my 5 best friends, Marleigh, Drew, Paige and Jade, we were all 18. Marleigh has medium length,brown, strait hair and blue eyes. Drew has short, blonde, strait hair and green eyes. Paige has long, strait, brown hair and she has hazel eyes, and last but not least Jade has medium length black, curly, hair and brown eyes.

          There is 2 weeks left of school and we are so exited because we are all spending the summer together at my parents cottage in Muskoka for the whole summer with each other. Today is Friday and my friends are coming over for the weekend to plan our trip to the cottage. When we got home my mom,Tammy was acting suspicious and told me and my friends to go out shopping to get ourselves a new dress and to be home by 7. "Why do we need to get dresses mom?'' i asked.

"We are having special company tonight and you have to look nice. Here is my debit card, and get yourselves some nice shoes too." she explained.

"Okay if you say so?" I said. So we all got our shoes back on and left in my red Corvette.

          "Do you know what your mom was talking about?" Drew asked.

"Actually i have no idea what she was talking about, don't question it when she gives us her debit card!" I yelled. When we arrived at the mall the first store we went to was Fashion Crime. When we found the store we all stopped in the entrance and just stared because this store was just filled with glitter!

"Wow" Said Jade.

"I know right. Okay we can't all get something from here Because we don't all want to be wearing glitter when our special company comes over."I explained.

"So who is going to get to wear glitter then?" Asked Marleigh.

"Pick a number between 1 and 10(the number is 7)" I said. Drew said 4, Marleigh said 9, Paige said 1 and Jade said 10. "and the winner is MARLEIGH! The number was 7 and she was the closest" I said.

"Okay, i will meet you all at the change rooms in 10 minutes" Marleigh said.*10 minutes later*. Marleigh came back with 3 dresses, a pink and black zebra print strapless, a long red strapless and a blue halter top. She tried the first one which was the zebra one and she looked amazing!

Paige said "If the guests are boys then that would be the perfect dress for getting a boyfriend!".

" I don't think that i need to try the other dresses on i just love this one" Marleigh said. so we all went to the cash register and payed for the dress.

          We went back home from picking out dresses from the mall and got ready it was 6 o'clock when we got home to we only had 1 hour for 5 girls to get ready. I bought a really light pink strapless dress, Paige got a neon orange dress, Jade got a strapless, knee length, frilly, light green dress and Drew got a strapless light pink and blue polka dot dress. Marleigh got the brightest dress... because she is the brightest. 

Marleigh's P.O.V

          I was the first one ready so i went downstairs and waited in the living room for the secret company. just as i sat down there was a knock on the door so i let Tammy get the door, when our guests walked in i almost screamed, One Direction was coming into my best friends house! i told myself that i had to keep cool and act normal. They all walked over to me and i started to get weak. They all walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek and said"Hello love, nice to meet you". i had to go upstairs to tell everyone but i don't think they would believe me.

          I walked upstairs and went into Leea's room were they all were.

"guys One Direction is in our living room right now and i think they are our special company! I yelled but not to loud for them to hear me down stairs.

"sure they are!" said Leea.

"No really they are, come and see for yourselves... only if your ready" i said

" okay we're coming" Leea said. so we all went down stairs and the boys went and said hi to us.

"You guys look amazing!" said Harry

"Thank you" said Drew. Thank god Tammy broke the awkward silence and told us to come for dinner.

Liam's P.O.V.

Wow these girls looked amazing and i had a feeling that we would be spending a lot of time with them considering one of their moms was our insurance broker, Tammy. The boys and i all got to know there names. I am so glad that she broke the awkward silence in the living room and told us to come for dinner. When we all sat down i sat beside Marleigh, i have to say that she looked really hot tonight... all the other girls did to but... never mind  Dinner was really good we had Roast beef, mashed potato, rice and carrots(Louis was in love... with more than just the carrots) Tammy and Paul went out the back on the porch so we all went and watched Tinker Bell( Louis choice)

          Niall asked what they were doing this summer and Jade said that they were going to Leea's cottage and spending the whole summer there.

" You guys probably have like a tour our something right?"Leea said.

"Actually we have the whole summer off!"Shouted Louis. I saw Leea and Drew whispering about something but i wasn't sure what it was.

"You guys should come with us!" Shouted Drew

"That's a great idea!" Yelled Louis



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