Hate That I Love You

He made my life a living hell, calling me ugly and worthless everyday, 2 years later, I'm the top spy. And out of all the other 6 billion people in the world, I have to protect my bully, Zayn Malik.


3. Chapter 3

"Karston, listen, there's a man at Le France (I made it up), and since your in France right now, he has a USB that holds military explosive codes. Do you mind.." the head said, trailing off.

"Of course. I'll do my best, after all, these boys are rowdy," Karston replied, chuckling into the phone. Its been 2 weeks since the tour's began, and other then small missions, fan attacks and blackmail, they were good.

"Thanks Agent. See you," he said, then the phone clicked off. Karston sighed, slipping the phone into her pocket and walking out, and nearly burst out laughing at the sight. The boys were on a dogpile on top of Harry, who's face was red, Liam was spooning Louis, Louis was on top of Zayn, Niall was laying on his back.

"Holy crap, what happened?!" Karston said, before bursting into fits of laughter. They rolled off Harry, who groaned appreciatively.

"God, you boys are so heavy!" he said, panting heavily.

"Okay, anyway, we're going clubbing tonight. Since I have.. duties," she said. The boys began wooping and running around. She was about to go into her room, before Zayn caught her arm. She turned around, meeting Zayn's eyes.

"Karston," he breathed. "I'm really sorry for what I did in high school,"

Karston scoffed and rolled her eyes. "So, now you have the guts to apologize? You had 2 years and 2 weeks, and now you apologize? Well guess what, Malik. I don't forgive you," she said coldly, ripping her arm out of his grasp.



Karston pinned her dark curls to the side, letting it fall on the right. She was wearing a purple miso sequined strapless dress, black heeled ankle boots, a coat of mascara and dark red lipstick. She grabbed her clutch, before walking out of her room. The boys' mouths were agape as they saw Karston exiting the room.

"Well, lets get going!" she announced, walking out of the bus, leaving the boys speechless.


"So what is this man wearing?" Karston asked into the earpiece.

"He's wearing a black tux," a deep, gruff voice replied, known as Q.

"Damn it Q, everyone is wearing tuxes, send me a picture of him," The agent hissed. Q sighed.

"Fine," he said. Just a second later, Karston's phone beeped. She took out her iPhone 5, and scanned the room for the man. Found him.

"Got him," she said. Just as she took a step, Liam stepped infront of her.

"Karston, where are you going?" he asked.

"Mission," she mumbled, not taking her eyes off the muscly man in the black tux.

"I'll come help," Liam said. She nodded, as Liam grasped her hand in his. He led her to the bar, where she sat next to the convict in the high chair.

"deux vins rouges s'il vous plaît." (two red wines please) she said.

"Your very good at french," Liam commented, taking a sip of his red wine as it arrived. Karston smiled, before doing her job.

"Hello," Karston began, looking at the muscly man.

"Hi," he gruffed.

Her eyes drifted to a USB sticking out of his tux pocket. "That's a nice watch," she commented. The man nodded, and without warning, Karston grabbed his wrist. He struggled against her grip, his eyes burning into her forehead as she ducked down at his swings.


"Go Liam!" she hissed. Liam ran, probably looking for the boys. She pinned the man against the bar table, before reaching for the USB.

"I don't think so," the man said, before pulling out another USB. The real  USB. A ladder from a helicopter came down, as he climbed it. Karston grabbed his ankle, as he shook her off, his shoe falling out. Her hair flew behind her as she began to climb the ladder, kicking off her heels.

"No, no honey," the man said, chuckling, as he released the ladder. Karston fell on the ground with a thump, and everyone was running around. The man ran off to his car, and Audi R8 and sped off. Karston rushed after him.

"BOYS LETS GO!!" She screamed, Immediately, the boys hopped into her Lamborgini.

"What's going on?" Louis asked.

"He has a USB to the military explosives, god knows whats he gonna do with it," she said, speeding for the black Audi.

"Q you there?" she asked.

"Yeah," the voice from the radio replied.

"Who said that?!" Niall shrieked.

"The ghost of Christmas past," Q replied, as Niall cowered against Liam.

"Shut up Q, Marco got away," Karston hissed.

"Shit, Karston!" Q cussed.

"Shut up, he was going on a helicopter for god sakes! I could fall and die," Karston replied with a roll of her eyes.

"Then why are you calling me?!" Q asked.

"Give me some fireworks," Karston said, catching up the other vehicle. Q chuckled.

"Yes, sir." Q replied, as handguns appeared from the sun roof.

"Buckle up boys,"

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