Hate That I Love You

He made my life a living hell, calling me ugly and worthless everyday, 2 years later, I'm the top spy. And out of all the other 6 billion people in the world, I have to protect my bully, Zayn Malik.


1. Chapter 1

Karston McCallister, or, she prefers to be called, Agent 43, walked through the halls of MI6, a gun strapped to her thigh, connecting with her black bodysuit. Did I say agent? Yes, I did.

She was the top spy, she is 19, youngest in the MI6. Commander, and a female James Bond. She was very attractive. Of course, it came with a price. She gets what she wants. Seduction, or she's just that good. Her brunette ringlets fell from her ponytail, framing her face as she knocked on the head's door.

"You got the chip?" The man asked. The agent took out a small like chip, sliding it across the table to him. He picked it up, smiling internally. She never failed to impress him. 

"Where's Mark?" he asked, referring to the criminal.

"Dead," She answered simply.

"You killed him?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Nope, he jumped off a moving train. Little too chiche for me, don't you think?" Karston asked, chuckling and placing a petite hand on her hip. 

"Everything's too cliche for you, McCallister. Do you want another mission?" the head asked.

"Lay it on me, old man," Karston joked.

"I'm not that old! And, here's your next mission," he said, sliding a file towards her that had 'TOP SECRET' imprinted in big, red letters with Karston's name on it. 

She flipped open the file, her honey golden eyes scanning through it. 'This mission,if you choose to accept it, is to help protect the boy band, One Direction. A member of the boy band, owns a very rare diamond, that Agent Black wants. You must protect the boy, at all costs. The boys have been informed, and they now know that you're protecting them, as a secret agent.'

Karston placed the file down on the table, closing it. She breathed out, as she knew Zayn Malik, her ex-bully is in the band. She looked into the head's grey eyes.

"I accept," 

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