Music Class

What if One direction were not in a boyband but were just normal guys going to your school.....

Beau was finally excepted into the School Of Musical Arts, also known as the S.O.M.A.. But she has some troubles fitting in. Beau is a really shy girl. But there is someone she doesn't seem to be very shy around. Niall. They become friends but someone doesn't like that. Malia. She tries to keep them apart, but something already is. Beau is still trying to get over a recent breakup.

Can Beau get over her breakup and fall in love with the lovestruck Niall, or will Malia keep them apart with her evil little plans...


2. To The Main Office We Go

As we walk down the hall, I look around at all the students. People are staring at us. I quickly hide my face by looking down at the floor as i walk along with Niall by my side. When we arrive at the main office, we stop and face each other. It kinda reminded me of when I was still dating Derek. After a date he would talk me to the door and say goodnight, then he would give me a little kiss.

"So I'll see you later?", Niall asks. I nod and smile. I don't want him to feel like I'm pushing him away. As he walks off with his hands in his pocket, a tear run down my faces. "I'm sorry", I whisper to myself.

I turn to go into the main office, when I crash into Malia. "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry", I say bending down to pick up my books. "Better be" she says walking away. She kicked one of my books, but someone picked it up for me. It was Mike. "thanks", I say looking down at my books as I finish picking them up. "Your welcome. May I ask what your name is?", he asks. I look up at him, "Beau. My name is Beau Meredith. I'm sorry but I gotta go." I say walking quickly into the Main office. "Hi, Um Im Beau Meredith. I need a locker, I'm new. And i need to know what my next class is".......

After getting my locker, and when I find out what my next classes are, I head over to my locker. I open it and throw my stuff in and grab my books for my next class. when i close my locker, there is a kinda short, blonde girl standing there with a big smile on her face. "Hi. I couldn't help notice that you are new here. What to be friends?", she asks. I giggle, "sure, I'm beau", I say, still kinda shy. But I'm laughing. "Cool! I'm Amanda, but you can call me Mandy" she says still smiling. "Whats your next class?, She asks, as we walk down the hall.  "Guitar class. Even though I already know how to play since I was little. you?".  I was actually having a converstation with her and not being shy, shes really funny and nice, I think I found a good friend. "Same!" she says excitedly, making me jump. We walk to our next class together. When we get to the Guitar room, the first person I see is Niall. He was sitting around with a few other guys playing and singing guitar.

Malia shoves past me and walks over to Niall. When he sees her he stops playing guitar and frowns. Then he notices me. When he looks back at Malia she kisses him on the cheek. The guys all look at each other "oooooooooow" the all say are she smiles and sits down beside him. He wipes his cheek and looks at me sadly. I just frown and follow Mandy. "Beau, these are my friends. Friends, this is Beau" she says holding her arms out.

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