Music Class

What if One direction were not in a boyband but were just normal guys going to your school.....

Beau was finally excepted into the School Of Musical Arts, also known as the S.O.M.A.. But she has some troubles fitting in. Beau is a really shy girl. But there is someone she doesn't seem to be very shy around. Niall. They become friends but someone doesn't like that. Malia. She tries to keep them apart, but something already is. Beau is still trying to get over a recent breakup.

Can Beau get over her breakup and fall in love with the lovestruck Niall, or will Malia keep them apart with her evil little plans...


4. Guitar Class

The bell rings and everyone goes to sit down. "I hope everyone has their guitars?", the teacher asks as everyone pulls them out. I slowly raise my hand, "I didn't know we were suppose to bring our own. Do you have any extra?"  I sit quietly as the teacher says "Yes. One moment" and heads into the back room. I feel like everyone is staring at me because the class is completely quiet. When the teacher comes back, she hands me a guitar and heads back up to the front of the class. "Most of you may already know me but to be sure. I'm Mrs. Mintly, and I will be your guitar teacher." Mandy hands me a pic and I strum the guitar quietly so nobody can here me but me. I sort of zone out and examine the guitar. It's an old guitar but it has been treated well. The strings have been changed a lot but that's probably because of being played a lot. "Beau. Have you played guitar before.", Mrs. Mintly asks, snapping me out of my trans. "umm. Umm. yah I have. I've been playing since I was a little girl", I say quieting the guitar with my hand. Mrs. Mintly smiles, "Can you play something for us?"   I look down at the guitar and strum it. I take a deep breath, place my fingers one the neck of the guitar and play. As I played I hummed the song. Suddenly I hear other people starting to play their guitars. Some strumming their guitars and some picking their strings. As we ended the song I heard a sound that I didn't want to hear. Malia was talking to Niall and telling him all these things, like, 'you should be mine' and 'I love you'. I stopped and started to keep to my self. "Thank you", Mrs. Mintly says not knowing why I stopped. I zone out again until I hear the bell. I stand up and give Mrs. Mintly the guitar and walk out as fast as I could. starts started to fall from my eyes as I ran to my locker, but Mandy came up behind me, "What's up? Why did you leave class so quickly?"  I wipe the tears away and open my locker. "Nothing. It's nothing.", I answer sadly. Mandy looks at me worriedly, "Seriously. Tell me what's wrong."  I slam my locker and walk to my next class. But Niall calls for me from beside Mandy, "Beau, What's wrong?"  I stop for a second, but then keep walking.

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