Music Class

What if One direction were not in a boyband but were just normal guys going to your school.....

Beau was finally excepted into the School Of Musical Arts, also known as the S.O.M.A.. But she has some troubles fitting in. Beau is a really shy girl. But there is someone she doesn't seem to be very shy around. Niall. They become friends but someone doesn't like that. Malia. She tries to keep them apart, but something already is. Beau is still trying to get over a recent breakup.

Can Beau get over her breakup and fall in love with the lovestruck Niall, or will Malia keep them apart with her evil little plans...


7. Dear Journal

*Three weeks later*


Dear Journal,

I've been here for almost a month now and I have so many new friends. But of course, I'm still keeping my distance from Malia. Today is the day we do our duets in vocal class. I'm so nervous, But I have Niall by my side the whole time so I think it will be ok. Mandy keeps bringing up the fact that Niall and I would be perfect. But I still have feeling for Derek. I don't know what to do. Liam told me that Niall says he likes me, But I'm not sure what to do. I think I might wait a while still. Just to be sure. But anyways, I finally feel like I fit in. I have friends who like that same stuff as me and I don't feel shy around them. I can actually talk to them about stuff and I don't feel at all a bit scared. I think I have finally found my real friends. I mean, the people back at my old school, I don't even think they liked me. The only reason why I hung out with them was because I was dating Derek. But I love my new friends and I know I we will be friends for a long time. Well, I better stop writing or I will be at this all day and miss my performance.


Beau Meredith   ♥

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