Music Class

What if One direction were not in a boyband but were just normal guys going to your school.....

Beau was finally excepted into the School Of Musical Arts, also known as the S.O.M.A.. But she has some troubles fitting in. Beau is a really shy girl. But there is someone she doesn't seem to be very shy around. Niall. They become friends but someone doesn't like that. Malia. She tries to keep them apart, but something already is. Beau is still trying to get over a recent breakup.

Can Beau get over her breakup and fall in love with the lovestruck Niall, or will Malia keep them apart with her evil little plans...


5. Alone Again

When I arrive to my next class, I knew nobody. Except for Mike. But didn't really feel like talking to him right now. My next class was theatre class. Just to let you know, I didn't sign up for these classes, you have to do them in your first semester. I sat in my seat with my head resting in the palm of my hand as I doodled all over my page. After class I had to go to the main office again to get my key for which dorm I was in.

As I unlock the door and open it, Mandy jumps up quickly with a huge smile on her face. "So your my roomy" she says happily. "Yah, I'm sorry about what happened earlier, I was upset." I say putting my bags on the bed. "Its ok, why were you upset", Mandy asked sitting down on my bed as I unpacked. I sigh, "You know that Niall guy. Well, I feel like he likes me and, I don't know if I like him, and I feel like I like him but I'm still getting over a brake up and-" and say but trying to old back the tears. I sit down beside Mandy and cry. She raps her arms around me until I feel better, "I'm sorry I brought it up", she says feeling bad. "Its ok. how about you help me unpack. I would really appreciate". Mandy jumps up and helps me finish unpacking, but in the back of my mine I know that Malia is someone I'm not to trust...



***Authors note: Sorry I haven't been writing in a while I've been really busy and lot of stuff as come up, but I will try and update as much as I can.***

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