Friend Love Triangle

Kaitlyn and Eleanor are best friends. When Eleanor and Louis get into a fight Kaitlyn is there for Louis, but in what way? When Kaitlyn's friends come to visit for the summer, Raven feels an attraction to one the boys and then another boy comes in, but who will she choose? Callie, another one of Kaitlyn's friend falls for the cute Irish one but will he fall for her too?


3. The Kiss that Started Everything

Kaitlyn POV
I walk through the doors to the local bar, I see Louis sitting at the bar with 2 drinks, I come up behind him and call his name, he doesn’t turn, so I sit down beside him. Just by looking at him, I can tell he’d be crying. I grab his hand, and squeeze it. He turns to me and asks me, “Do you think I neglect Eleanor for the band?” His eyes are really red, and I can’t say anything, I just want to pull him close and make him the all better. I grab his hands and pull in into me, he rests his head on my shoulder. His fingers graze my back, giving me chills. We sit there in complete silence for close to ten minutes then he quietly resumes drinking his drink. After about 5 drinks each, we decide that we should leave. We both stumble out of the bar, and we catch a taxi back to my house. We get out of the taxi and stumble up the driveway, giggling all the way up to the door. It takes me 5 tries to get the key in the door. Louis runs and tries to jump over the couch and just ends up falling over  and tumbling across the floor laughing. He gets up and run over to me and pulls me over to sit on the couch.

He starts talking about what happened Eleanor, he started talking about everything they had been through. All the memories, all the times that they had laid in bed all day being lazy. I felt a tinge of jealousy; I had never had that before, never really had a real boyfriend. My mind wandered to how his lips would feel on mine, how his hands would feel on my waist holding me. My mind snapped back to reality and I told him that everything would be okay, that they would work things out, knowing in my mind I didn’t want them to. “Kaitlyn, do you really think that we can get through this. I’ve never seen her so upset.”  I put my hand on his leg and look into his eyes and respond with “Louis, if it was meant to be, it will all work out fine, I promise.” He was looking at me. I get up and walk to the kitchen, I hear his footsteps behind me, get 2 glasses off of the shelf. I turn to get the water pitcher and Louis is standing close and he suddenly grabs my waist and pulls me close to him, and presses his lips to mine. My body laid heavy on his even though I felt as if I was floating. His strong arms pressed on my back, pulling my body up to his. He pulls back, opens his eye. When I open my eyes, he is looking at me with shape intent. He pulls me in for another kiss, leaning my back against the counter, his hands grab my waist and pull me close to his chest, my hands resting on his chest. In my minding knowing this is wrong, but it feels so right.
My hands press against his chest, he pulls back and looks at me with a questioning look, “I think you should sleep on the couch tonight and then we will get your car when you are sobered up. I-I-I think I am going to go up to bed now, goodnight Louis” And with that, he lets go of my waist and I walk upstairs to my room. All I can think about is how perfect his lips felt on mine and then how wrong it was for me to kiss him back. I laid in bed for hours until I finally fell asleep.


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