Friend Love Triangle

Kaitlyn and Eleanor are best friends. When Eleanor and Louis get into a fight Kaitlyn is there for Louis, but in what way? When Kaitlyn's friends come to visit for the summer, Raven feels an attraction to one the boys and then another boy comes in, but who will she choose? Callie, another one of Kaitlyn's friend falls for the cute Irish one but will he fall for her too?


2. The Fight that Began Love

Kaitlyn was sitting in her room, doing her hair when she got a call from Eleanor. She answered the phone, “Hey girl, what’s up?” “Kaitlyn, how would you like to go out to lunch with Louis and Niall??” A little startled that Niall wanted to go out with her again she managed to get a “sure” out of her mouth. “Ok, great, meet us at that Thai place down Main Street at 1. I’ll see you then Kate” With that, she hung up and started to go through the multitude of hangers in her walk-in closet. Flipping through sweaters and dresses, then jeans and casual wear. She throws on a pair of dark skinny jeans, and a pale peach sweater with white stripes. It is now 12:30, she slips on her white Toms as she walks out the door. As she walks down Main Street, only a couple minutes away from the restaurant, she sees a black car pull up in front of the restaurant and out walks Eleanor and Louis and then Niall. She meets them in front of the restaurant and Harry, Liam and Zayn roll down the window to say hi to Kaitlyn. Then the other boys were off to an interview.

After ordering Niall gets a call from one of the boys. “Yeah, sure, I’ll be there as soon as I can Liam. Yeah, don’t worry about it, I got it” He replies in his thick irish accent. He then hangs up and tells Eleanor, Kaitlyn and Louis that he had to go, that the boys needed him at the hotel. He apologized to them and went off rushing out of the restaurant but not before he got his food to go. They rest of them were sitting there eating when Louis gets a call from Eleanor’s mom looking for Eleanor. She takes the phone and after listening for about a minute she asks Louis and Kaitlyn, “Do you mind if I leave, my mom needs me at home to help her with something?” We both look at each other and say No. “It’s ok babe, I’ll call you later. Bye, I love you” Louis stands up and kisses her.  And with that she walked out of the door, leaving only me and Louis at this table for 4. We finish eating, talking about family and the boys, and Kaitlyn and why she moved to England after she graduated. “I just needed a new scenery and I knew Eleanor lived around here. I knew that she’d love to see me. We were practically family, our families are so close that we were naturally best friends.” “Don’t you miss your friends, your family, everyone back home?” Louis asks her. “Ummm well, of course I miss my friends but they are coming here for my birthday in a couple weeks, and they are staying the summer. As for my other classmates, no, I don’t. I didn’t have many friends, and I was always bullied so I am fine with leaving. And family life was just getting hard to deal with.” Louis and Kaitlyn spent another 2 hours sitting there talking and laughing before they realized it was 3 in the afternoon. “Oh, I didn’t notice we had been sitting here that long,” Kaitlyn says as she unlocked her phone to check who had texted her. “Wow, I hadn’t either. Want to go now?” Louis replied. “Yeah, I suppose we should go now.” They both walk down Main Street as they head down to the parking lot. Louis opens the door the passenger and gives Kaitlyn a grand gesture to enter the black BMW with a “My Lady.” Kaitlyn does a bow and says “thank you Sir” in an english accent. Louis drove and sang every song that came on the radio. Kaitlyn listened and sang the songs she did know. She loved Louis voice, it was so perfect. She found herself listening more than singing. She found herself paying more attention to him, he was constantly on her mind. Her thoughts constantly thinking about his perfect voice and his perfect jawline, and the way he smiles after he makes a joke. Oh my god stop thinking about him, he's Eleanor's!

Louis pulls up to Kaitlin's driveway while he finishes singing a song by The Fray. He then turns the radio off and looks at Kaitlyn and says, "lm so glad I can talk to you, I'm really comfortable with you, you're easy to talk to" "Louis, don't thank me, Im your friend and you can always talk to me!" She says as she opens the door and gives him a reassuring smile before closing the door and walking down the driveway. Louis catches himself getting caught up with the way she walks, the way she throws her curls over her shoulder as she walk, the way she pulls her purse over her shoulder when she puts the key in the door. He found himself thinking about her a lot. As he was pulling out his phone started going off, he answers it. It was Eleanor, she wanted to meet at his house. "Babe, I can't, I have rehearsal in an hour." "Louis, can we get together later tonight, we need to talk!" "Yeah, sure. Ill be over later babe" Louis said wondering what she wanted to talk about. With that she hung up, with no 'I love you' or anything. She must be mad.

Louis’s POV
As I promised I went to Eleanor’s house after rehearsal. I pulled up in her driveway and slowly turned the car off, wondering what it was that she wanted to talk about. I knew she was mad, but what for. I brought her Starbucks so maybe she’d go easy on the yelling. I walk through the door and she is sitting in the livingroom, I walk over and sit next to her, kiss her on the cheek and hand her the Starbucks. She says thank you and kisses me. She asks me what’s more important to me, the band or her. I sit there stuttering, not knowing what to say. I did love her but the band is so important to me. “Nevermind Louis, forget it, I see where I stand. I can’t believe this Louis. You’re really thinking about this” She kind of stumbled over the words. But she didn’t understand what being with the boys made me feel like. I didn’t have any brother, I never knew what it was like. What can I say to make her understand that I do care about her. “Babe, I do care about you but the second album just came out and we have to rehearse together... I just don’t understand why this is so sudden” I get out. “Sudden! Louis, you are constantly blowing me off for the boys, or parties, or photo shoots, and you just leave me by myself. We never see each other. Danielle was right, this is just too hard. I can’t do it anymore” Eleanor finally got out, she started tearing up. One single tear fell from her left eye. I just wanted to pull her close, wrap my arms around her and tell her everything would be okay. I grabbed her hand and tried to pull her in but she yanked her hand away from me, and she said “Just go, I just think we should we should just take a break Louis. Until you have time for me, just don't talk to me” With that she walked into the kitchen, tears were forming into my eyes. I didn’t want to cry but this is a year she is throwing away, I just want her to think about this. “Eleanor...” I choke on the word, tears running down my face. I can’t stop the tears. All I wanna do is tell her how much I love her, and how much she means to me. “What Louis? What do you want?” She screams as she turns the corner, her makeup smeared at the edges. I try to get the words out of my words out of my mouth, but nothing comes out, I’ve never seen her cry over me. I manage to get “I’ll just go” out of my mouth. I feel a tear run down my cheek and run off my face. I turn and walk out of the door. Words still stuck in my throat. I get in the car and just scream, I just wanna scream for a minute. I let out a loud scream before my head falls on the steering wheel. Tears falling from my face so fast, I can’t stop crying. I pull my phone out of my pocket and call Kaitlyn. Still barely able to talk, I hear her answer. Hey Louis, what’s up?  “Can you meet me at the bar, I just need someone to talk to?” I choked on my words. Yeah, sure, I’ll be there in 10.

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