Friend Love Triangle

Kaitlyn and Eleanor are best friends. When Eleanor and Louis get into a fight Kaitlyn is there for Louis, but in what way? When Kaitlyn's friends come to visit for the summer, Raven feels an attraction to one the boys and then another boy comes in, but who will she choose? Callie, another one of Kaitlyn's friend falls for the cute Irish one but will he fall for her too?


1. The Beginning of it All

“Kaitlyn, stop staring at Niall, he’s weird. But..... if you reallllllyyyy want to talk to him, double date with me and Louis tomorrow night?” Eleanor said in her cute little girly voice. Kaitlyn’s already big green eyes widened. She began to speak but nothing comes out, Kaitlyn kind of screeches and lets a wide grin take over her face. “I take that as a yes! C’mon, lets go get you something to wear” Eleanor says as she fights back giggles. She pulls Kaitlyn towards the mall. After 3 hours of trying to find something for Kaitlyn to wear, they go into a small boutique. After only a couple minutes of looking around Eleanor finds the cute teal mini dress, and instantly thought of her gold heels that would look perfect. Kaitlyn walks out of the dressing room, turns and looks into the mirror on the wall and stares at herself. She actually looks like she has curves, like an hourglass, despite her seemingly petite body. She usually resembles a gymnast in body type, very slim and slender. Her hair so thin that it lays straight off her shoulders. Her olive skin shines under the lights by the mirror as she stands in awe of how perfect she looks. Eleanor tells the sales lady to ring them up, that the dress was too perfect to pass up. After paying and leaving the boutique, they go out to Starbucks for tea and lunch and talk about the details of the next night events. First the boys would pick them up at Eleanor’s house. They would go out to the new restaurant that opened in the heart of London, then if all goes well, they will go back to Louis’s to watch a movie. “Niall’s really excited to meet you” Eleanor said to Kaitlyn with a coy smile. Kaitlyn blushes, and sarcastically does a hair flip replying with “I know, who wouldn’t be?” Later that night, they are laying in Eleanor’s bed talking about Louis and the fight they got into earlier that week. “He is just acting weird, like lately he is acting like One Direction is more important than me, which I do understand it is important, but I don’t want their busy schedule to get in the way of our relationship. Danielle said that it killed her to leave but she couldn’t take it anymore, and I don’t want to lose Louis” Kaitlyn just trying to talk her through it, assuring her that everything would be okay because Louis loved her and would never hurt her.

“I don’t know if I like this idea of going out with a stranger Louis,” Niall says in an unsure tone. “Niall, I already told Eleanor you would, and I’ve already told you we’ve been fighting. Just try it out, you might like the girl, Eleanor loves her,” Louis replies. “Ok, but I’m blaming your whipped ass if she’s weird” Niall sarcastically shoves Louis. “Well, we better leave if we want to be on time to get them, I don’t need Eleanor complaining that I’m late” Louis says as he grabs the keys and walks closer to the door.

A knock at the door startles both Kaitlyn and Eleanor from the daze they were in. Eleanor yells to just come on in. Then the handsome Louis dressed in black dress pants and a v neck t-shirt with a blazer over walks over to Eleanor and kisses her. And behind is Niall, his blondish brown hair up in a perfect quiff, wearing a dark tan pair of pants on with a dark blue v neck sweater walks over to Kaitlyn. He stares at the way the teal dress hugs around her curves, though it is obvious she is really petite, not really his type but she is still stunning. Her loose golden brown curls fall just over her shoulder, accenting her olive skin tone; she is only wearing light makeup. Niall is dazed as he walks over to her and holds out his hand to greet this beauty, “Hi, I-I-I’m Niall,” he says sheepishly. “Hi, I’m Kaitlyn,” she says as she holds her hand out and shakes his hand. “You look stunning,” he says to her. She blushes a little and then replies with a coy smile and, “you look very handsome yourself.”

They are at the restaurant, talking about Zayn and Perrie and how they NEVER stop fighting. Kaitlyn’s thought are instantly drawn to Raven; she knows how much she likes Zayn, mainly for his strikingly good looks and mysterious demeanor as she would say. Kaitlyn’s thoughts get interrupted by Niall outrageously loud laugh. It made her giggle even though she doesn’t know what the cause of the outburst was. She liked Niall, but he wasn’t as serious as she thought. He is still a normal teenage boy. She thought maybe the fame would make him a little more responsible. She found herself watching Louis and Eleanor throughout dinner, knowing that it was all just an act. They weren’t that happy, how could they just pretend? It looks all so real. After dinner, they go back to Louis’s house to watch a movie. Eleanor and Niall went to pick out a movie while Louis and Kaitlyn went in the kitchen to get drinks and snacks. “So, what do you think of her??” Eleanor asks as she nudges Niall. “Ummm.. she is really pretty, like stunning. but I don’t know if she is my type. She kinda quiet for me, she needs to be more playful, ya know?” she replies. “Yeah, I know, she is really withdrawn, she just got over her ex so she is trying to be careful with herself” Meanwhile in the kitchen, Louis pulls a ton of snacks out of the pantry “Do you like Niall so far?” he questions Kaitlyn. “He goofs around too much but he is really cute. I just thought he’d be a little different.” “What did you think he’d be like?” “I thought he would be... I don’t know” “Well, lets just see where tonight goes” Louis says as he playfully pushes Kaitlyn, making her stumble, almost making her fall across the floor. They all sit there watching the movie. Niall and Kaitlyn sharing the couch but on completely different sides. Kaitlyn could barely pay attention to the movie, she just kept looking down at Louis and Eleanor sitting on the floor in front of the couch. Watching as he she rest head on his shoulder, occasionally leaning up to kiss him. Every Time they kissed, she felt a tinge of jealousy. Stop Kaitlyn, you don’t like your best friend’s boyfriend.

At the end of the night, Eleanor is already sleeping and Niall is passed out on the end of the couch. Louis gets up, adjusting Eleanor so she is comfortable. “Do you want me to drive you to your house?” Louis asks Kaitlyn while they are returning the snacks to the kitchen. “Umm... yeah, that will be good. I have an early practice and I don’t want to wake anyone here to drive me there” Kaitlyn replied. Once they are on the road, Kaitlyn feels a slight happiness Eleanor is at the house sleeping. The radio is low, and Kaitlyn can hear Feeling Good by Michael Buble is on; she starts to lightly hum the words. Louis hears it too and turns it up. They are both singing along to the radio. Louis looks over to her and look Kaitlyn in the eyes and gives her his infamous smile. Kaitlyn blushes and smiles back. Once he pulls up to the her house, he unlocks the door. There is a pause and he looks at her, telling her that she really did look good tonight. “Thank you Louis. I appreciate you talking Niall into going but I could tell he wasn’t into it. “How did you know he didn’t want to go?” “Eleanor told me, she tells me everything!” Kaitlyn emphasized. “Everything you say?” “Yeah, Louis, she told me about you guys too”. He sighs and drops his head into this chest. “I don’t know what to do about her, she always wants to be together, I have other obligations,and she just doesn’t understand that. One Direction is just getting started on the third album and I feel like I need to be with the band right now. She doesn’t like the other bandmates and I need someone that will be cool with the boys. I just don’t know what to do anymore” “Well, as much as I hate to say this, but maybe you should either talk to her about it or take a break. She can’t always be your first priority, if i was her, I’d just cherish the time I had with you and I would be happy to let you do your own thing. Maybe I can talk to her about it, if you want me to.” “Kaitlyn, you’re amazing. Someday you will make some guy really happy. I really should get home just in case they wake up.” “Ok, goodnight Louis. Call me if you ever need to talk.” Handing him a piece of paper with her number on it, Kaitlyn gives him a coy smile and opens the car door, closes it, and then begins walking down the driveway, looking back only to see Louis was already looking at her.

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