I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Hi, I'm Lindsay. I'm twenty. I was adopted at age two. I like to do all the stuff normal girls do for fun. But my job isn't exactly normal... I'm an assassin. I've been one since I was twelve. So, yes, I'm an experienced killer. My next target: Louis Tomlinson.



"What film?" Zayn asked. "HUNGER GAMES!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Yeah, I kinda am obsessive over The Hunger Games. They all agreed, in a way that was WAY less enthusiastic then me. I kinda shot them a look that said be enthusiastic or I will personally become the girl of fire and shoot your head off. They caught on quickly and Louis screamed "HUNGER GAMES," and they cheered. I smirked in accomplishment as Liam found the movie put it in the telly.

It started playing, and during the movie when Clove, one of the tributes, throws the knives at the targets and hits them directly in the center, the boys are in awe. "Pfft, please. That's nothing. So easy that-" I stopped talking when I realized the boys were looking at me. I just gave them information that could blow my cover. "Really?" Louis asked doubtfully, "You could do better?" "Yes!" Please shut up now pride. "Do it then!" He challenged me. "Okay, I will." And if the boss finds out about this I will blow my cover.

I end up taking some knives from their kitchen and Louis hung a poorly drawn target on a tree. "Really? that a really easy target," I told them. "We'll see," Louis said. I lined the knife up with the target and effortlessly threw it, with the knife sticking directly in the middle. They looked at me in awe. I simply shrugged. "I WANNA TRY!" Louis screams. "I don't think that's a good idea... toddlers shouldn't be allowed to play with knives, I tell him and the others laugh. "I'm a big boy!" he says in a little kid voice, taking the knives out of my hands. He randomly chucks them at the tree. The only one that actually hit the target hit the hande instead of the sharpend so he had none in the target.

"Wanna go watch the movie some more? If Lou messes with the knives anymore, someone's going to lose an eye," I told the rest of the boys as Louis tries to hit the target again. They nod and we walk back inside. By the time Louis notices we're gone, we're walking inside and he runs, trying to catch up to us. We locked him out and he banged on the door. "Louis, we're not opening it!" Harry said. "It's not Louis... It's the pizza man!" Louis said in a fake sounding voice. "Pizza!" Niall exlaimed, shoving the door open and jumping on Louis, who in fact did not have pizza. I can't wait to get this mission over with!
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