I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Hi, I'm Lindsay. I'm twenty. I was adopted at age two. I like to do all the stuff normal girls do for fun. But my job isn't exactly normal... I'm an assassin. I've been one since I was twelve. So, yes, I'm an experienced killer. My next target: Louis Tomlinson.


6. Nando's

We walked to Nando's and ordered our food. "So Lindsay, where are you from?" Liam asked me. "Erm... Here. Well a few miles away," I said. "Cool." "How did you not know where a Starbucks is if you only lived a few miles away?" Niall asked me. I shot a questioning look at Louis. Harry wasn't kidding when he said Lou told them a lot about me. Or the fake me... "Well, I didn't really get out much." "Where do you work?" Liam asked. "Starbucks." They burst into laughter. "Yet you don't know where it is?" I worked at a different one! I'm actually starting work at the closer Starbucks on Monday."

After we ate, they asked me if I wanted to go to their flat. I told them I would and Lou's eyes lit up. Does he already like me? This might be easier than I thought. My thoughts got interrupted by Niall waving his hand infront of my face. "What?" I asked. "You were staring at some fat dude..." "I was not! I was really deep in thought!" I protested. "Whatever you say," he said in a sing-song voice.

"I still have no idea why we walked here!" Harry said. "You guys need to stay in shape! Go to a gym!" I joked. "I should take them to a gym! No not gym he's a different guy," Louis said, quoting himself from one of the videodiaries. "Take them to THE gym!" We said symultaneously, putting emphasis on 'the'. "Yeah, just kinda a fan," he said, trying to mock my voice. FAIL!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be dead by the time Louis's dead... If I don't die first. This is torture! I'm never this silly. When I'm not on missions, I'm usually quiet and keep to myself. Louis is driving me crazy, along with his friends. "You are staring at the fat dude!" Niall said. I groaned and started walking. I need to stop staring at fat dudes! They just happen to be there when I think. I just need to stop thinking and get on with it.
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