I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Hi, I'm Lindsay. I'm twenty. I was adopted at age two. I like to do all the stuff normal girls do for fun. But my job isn't exactly normal... I'm an assassin. I've been one since I was twelve. So, yes, I'm an experienced killer. My next target: Louis Tomlinson.


10. Danielle

After we got settled down, we finished the movie. As it ended, it looked like I was the only one awake. I silently cheered to myself. Finally! A quiet moment. This would be the PERFECT time to get it all over with, but the other boys would know it was obviously me when they wake up if they find me gone and Louis dead. That wouldn't be good. I decided to just slip out quietly. Get some time to think out a plan. But, of course, someone's awake. How did I not notice Liam? Oh well.

"Hello," I say awkwardly to him. He chuckles at my wierdness. Just as he was about to say something, the doorbell rings. Liam goes to get it and I don't want to be left with the sleeping wierdos so I follow him. He's quicker than me though, so he's already opened the door by the time it comes into my view. I walk up to Liam hugging this girl and another girl behind her. Liam pulls away from the girl. "Lindsay, I would like you to meet-" and I'm pinned tothe wall before he could finish.

"Danielle... long time no see." I say, still pinned up by Dani's arm. "What are you doing here?" Dani asked me. "Erm, Louis asked me to come over?" I said, but it came out more as a question, although technially it was true. "Hurt any of them and I will personally kill you!" She threatened. Liam fake coughed behind us. "I um guess you've already met?" He asked.

"Yeah! We used to be best friends back in... school." I said. We were best friends, but in fighting school. We used to always joke about our missions together, and we used to spend any small amount of free time we had together. But she realized killing is bad, so she quit. She decided to keep her real name, but changed basically everything else. She's origionally blonde and she is really only twenty, but she says she's twenty four. I know more about her than I know myself. She hated me after she left, only because I continued to assassinate people. I knowit's not exactly good to kill people, but it's all I'm good at.

"Then why are you still pinned against a wall?" He asked. I eyed Dani, hoping she'd let me go, and she finally did. Then I noticed the blonde next to Liam. "Do I know you from somewhere?"
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