The Memior of Lynn: Junior Year

Lynn is almost done with high school. She just has to make it though the next two years and then she is off to travel the world and explore the wonderful world of college and life outside of Virginia. She thought she had it easy but she must have been horribly wrong because now nothing is going the way that she planned. He mothers cancer returned just when they both thought all of that was out of their lives forever.

Then she meets Adam Wilson. He is nice, listens to her, and is an awesome friend. But then things get more serious and she doesn’t know how to deal with it all.

This is a typical story about a teenage girl finding herself in a confusing place, something that everyone can relate too. I am positive that you all will love it!


12. January 3, 2012


               Considering Lynn had only gotten about three or four hours of sleep last night and her energy is running off the last juices of the green, Monster Energy Drink she had chugged first period, Lynn thought she was doing pretty well at staying awake. Lynn couldn’t seem to get any sleep at all last night, really, and she didn’t really know why. She and Rae were both in her usual spot during third period. They both have Creative Writing class during this time and their usual spot includes sitting against the wall across the hallway just outside the classroom, on the floor. Lynn cannot really remember when the made the decision to sit in this spot at all, just that they have been doing this action every day since. They happen to get a lot of weird looks from the people who just so happen to walk by the two friends on the way to the bathroom, but they don’t seem to care the slightest.

               “Come to the library with me?” Lynn heard Rae ask in the midst of the silence that currently surrounded them both at all sides. Lynn just shrugged and gathered her stuff together as well as Rae did.

               “Sure.” They both headed for the library at that moment. There was still close to thirty minutes left of class and Lynn really didn’t have much to do but talk about how horrible her break was. She wanted to tell Rae, but she was afraid to considering how Rae had reacted to their discussion about Adam. She just said that Lynn was just being stupid and silly about the whole think and no matter how right Rae seemed about the topic, Lynn couldn’t help but hold it against her.

               They chose a set of table and chair that are placed in the far corner of the library. It was brighter than the rest of the tables because of the overhead light fixture that shone down upon it as if entering heaven. Lynn chose the seat that made her face the wall, Rae right across from her so she could view the rest of the room.

               “Oh, wow.” Rae’s eyes seemed to widen slightly as if she spotted something surprising.

               “What?” Lynn asked her and then Rae’s body slumped downward slightly as if to whisper a dark secret without being seen, so Lynn scooted her upper body downward in the same fashion as well.

               “Don’t look now, but Adam is totally staring right at you.” She whispered, barely audible for Lynn’s half-deaf eardrums to comprehend.

               “What?” Lynn repeated her word, not really knowing what to say back. She wanted to look over at him, but she knew that would be too obvious, and Lynn had to push her hands underneath her upper thighs to hold herself in place.

               “Adam. He is sitting at one of the computers over there, on the end.” She lifted her finger just slightly to motion to the computer section of the library. Lynn knew exactly where Adam was sitting because the two used to fight over the same seat whenever they shared this period together. Black, Dell computers were lined together, three rows of two each and right next to the librarian’s main desk. The Librarian sits there and watches the people who use her computers every day.

               “Oh,” It was all Lynn could get out, due to the shaky, nervous state of her body, “let’s just pretend that he isn’t there. I can’t see him, so he won’t bother me. Just change the subject, please?”

               “Maybe you should go talk to him, Lynn. It might help you get over it.” Lynn wondered if the snarky tone of her voice was her way of reminding Lynn that she was still being stupid.

               “No. I said change the subject. Now.” Rae lifted her hands up as if in trouble, and it was her way of saying that she was backing off.

               “Fine. Did you watch Pretty Little Liars last night?!” Rae’s mood switched from gloom to excitement in less than a second, and Lynn giggled at how happy she suddenly got.

               “Oh Yes! I did! It was amazing!” Lynn’s volume rose with excitement to the subject. She could hear the faint clicking the Adam’s keyboard as she typed away on his computer across the room. She listened to the clicking as if it were sweet music soothing through her ears instead. She could feel her body relax the more she listened to the minuscule sound of the keys.

               “I think Toby is my favorite. He is totally mine.” Rae said.

               “Well, what if I wanted him?”

               “What you do with a super-hot guy like Toby? He is way out of your league.”

               “Oh. And he just so happens to be in yours?”

               “Better me than you. I mean, I am definitely prettier than you.” Lynn could tell that Rae was just kidding, but it hurt that she felt this way. What were the criteria for being “prettier” per say? Lynn knew that she wasn’t the best looking person in the world, but it hurt greatly that her best friend felt his way in their friendship. It hurt that Rae felt more dominant over Lynn.

               Lynn couldn’t help but peek over her left shoulder at Adam. He wasn’t paying mind to her at all at the current moment, and she was really happy about that fact because Lynn wanted to observe his state without him catching her. She didn’t really know what she was looking for at all as she examined his features. His eyes were fully focused to the screen as his gentle fingers typed away, but there was something about his nature that made the air around him seems tense, and Lynn could definitely feel that tension fill the air the more he typed. Lynn was wondering what she was doing and felt her body slowly rise as if to walk over there, but stopped herself before Rae even seemed to notice. Rae just continued with her banter of beauty and praise.

               “What makes you think that you are prettier than I am, Rae? You have no right to say something like that. Everyone is pretty in their own way.” Rae didn’t seem to be bothered the slightest by my statement. Instead, she replied back with a comment that could be an insult or not, but Lynn couldn’t really seem to tell.

               “You just can’t handle it, can you? And anyways, I was just messing with you. Jesus, take a joke.”

               “You’re right,” Lynn ended saying, her arms crossing over her chest in defeat as she processed everything in her mind. Rae’s eyes gave Lynn the look that made it seems like she was surprised at Lynn’s comment, only making Lynn even more upset. The thing was Lynn wasn’t really upset with Rae. Rae was just being herself and even though she was rude with her words, Lynn was more upset with herself than Rae at all.

 A loud, obnoxious bell rang loudly over the intercom that sounded the end of the period and Lynn Rushed as she gathered her things and walked swiftly out the door. Lynn was surprised as she felt her body push against someone else’s as if she tripped and familiar arms caught her and all her belongings.

“Oh my god! I am so sorry.” Lynn’s words faded as she met eyes with his, big and brown. Adam just mumbled noises that didn’t make any English sentence Lynn could think of. Once she saw it was Adam standing in front of her, his hands gripping her shoulders as if she were still bound to hit the floor at any given moment, she stepped back in a sudden, one-step motion, pushing him away in the process.

“I should probably be the one to say I am sorry now.” He mumbled, barely audible for Lynn to grasp and staring at the carpeting beneath their heels as he spoke these words.

 “I’m going to be late for French,” Lynn said, right before she rushed out the library, not giving him the chance to go any farther and not looking him in the eyes either. She needed time to think before speaking. Lynn knew how unstable her mind was right now, and she just knew that now was not the best time to test that fact. She thought this to herself as she walked through the halls, and no matter how much she wanted to run back to the library, she forced herself to continue forward. 

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