The Memior of Lynn: Junior Year

Lynn is almost done with high school. She just has to make it though the next two years and then she is off to travel the world and explore the wonderful world of college and life outside of Virginia. She thought she had it easy but she must have been horribly wrong because now nothing is going the way that she planned. He mothers cancer returned just when they both thought all of that was out of their lives forever.

Then she meets Adam Wilson. He is nice, listens to her, and is an awesome friend. But then things get more serious and she doesn’t know how to deal with it all.

This is a typical story about a teenage girl finding herself in a confusing place, something that everyone can relate too. I am positive that you all will love it!


11. January 2, 2012


              The night is warm, a bit too warm for the beginning of January actually, but Lynn happens to like this warmth. She welcomes it actually. Lynn has spent her New Year’s celebration while being completely alone, silence surrounding her every second of it. She blames her mother’s new doctor for this fact, actually. He put her mom on this new medicine that is supposed to prevent the cancer she once had from ever coming back but Lynn honestly does not know if it is even doing what it is supposed to be doing. All she ever does is sleep. Lynn has even had to check up on her mother every couple of hours this past winter break because the way she sleeps makes it look like she is dead. Her mother crashed into a deep slumber around 8:30 PM on New Year’s Eve and Lynn has not seen her ever since. She has been afraid to go look for the past couple of hours and delays herself.

               Lynn has spent the entirety of her night sitting outside on the deck that overlooks the back yard of her family’s home. She peeks over at her neighbors along her right who show an array of fireworks, all the colors of the rainbow splashing across the night sky and noises so loud that she was a tad surprised no one called the police because of it. The noises didn’t bother her though because she had her headphones plugged deep into her ears to block out all sounds around that surround her body, music at top volume and a Spiderman comforter wrapped snuggly about.

               Lynn didn’t think of anything but how beautiful the nature looked from all directions and angles. She wasn’t going to let Adam, or her mother, or anybody ruin her New Year’s and she made it her resolution at that exact moment that she would never let these people get to her ever again.

               “I promise.” The words escaped her mouth at a volume unknown, due to the loudness of her headphones, but she felt her vocal cords vibrate as she did so. This is a new year and Lynn knew that she had to be the person to changer her fate because she could feel where she would end up if she were to continue on this path of moping and sadness. She could have a bright future if she played her cards right. It was just up to Lynn to pick which cards to play and when to play them.

               The fireworks that continued to go off at her neighbor’s house were still doing so as she felt her eyes getting heavy. Music blasted in her ears and colors lit up the night sky as she slowly felt her body fall asleep.


               Nobody is home right now. Her mother had some appointment at the hospital a couple hours ago. Lynn had wanted to go with her, but she refused the offer. Lynn just assumed she just didn’t want Lynn to see her in that way, displayed in a big, metal table for the world to examine. My dad, nor brother, is home either, and she honestly doesn’t know where they have gone to because when she woke up the house was just empty.

               All Lynn has thought about over the break is Adam, but she has really been trying not to at all. She even remembers making a resolution along the subject just hours before this time and she is already breaking that said vow. She vowed that she would not let Adam get to her ever again. She promised herself this. Lynn knows that she cannot live like this the rest of her life. It hurts too much, both mentally and physically, to sit here and just think the day away about these things. She picked up the book that lay in her lap, the many pages ruffled together along her skin and the cover bending its way backwards. She had been staring at the coal black cover for a couple hours now, not really reading the words or taking in the plot of the story. She decided to put the book aside for now, knowing that she never was going to even come close to finishing the few pages she had left, and pulled the bed sheets up further about her body, curling herself up into a tiny ball as her arms wrapped themselves around her knees and the pillow that lays just along the other edge of the bed goes over her head.

               “Lynn, I think you are over reacting just a little bit. Just get over yourself.” She said.

               “How do I do that though? I can’t just say a magic word and have it disappear without worry.”

               “It really is not that big of a deal, Hun.” I can tell that she just does not care.

               Lynn starts replay a certain memory over and over in her head. It was a couple of days after Adam had left her and she had just told her best friend in the world, Rae. It hurt that Rae didn’t feel sympathetic towards the subject at all, or even if she did, Lynn didn’t catch any of the signs. She hung up after Rae has said this. All she did was make Lynn feel stupid for caring the slightest. It makes Lynn regret ever going on that date with Adam at the pizzeria with Rae and Michael in the first place. Lynn isn’t that mad at Rae though. She and Michael are coming over later to sleep over. The three friends want one last bang before the school year starts up once again before forced to re-enter Hell.


               The hot sand of the beach slightly burns my feet. I am lying on my back as my eyes are closed and I am wearing a bikini that accentuates the curves of my body. Ruffles cover my breasts and the lining just above my bottom. The bright, neon purple shines in the sunlight. It is hot today, hotter than usual. I wipe the sweat drops away as they form across my forehead with the back of my right hand. When I lay my hand back against my side I feel my hand brush against what feels like someone else’s skin. I look to my right and find Adam sitting alongside me. He jumps a little in surprise when I touch him and smiles at me with that small grin that makes my heart jump to my throat. 

               “Sorry.” I say apologetically.

               “Don’t be.” He replies. He lays in the same fashion I do, his feet buried in the boiling sand and wearing navy blue swim trunks, nothing else. The sun shines in a way that seems like we are both glowing and the closer we get, the brighter we seem, the strings of light streaming from the sky like yellow and orange yarn. I slide my hand away, but he grabs it out of need for my touch and our fingers intertwine. I look up at his dark brown eyes and I smile with complete happiness filling every inch of my body. I scoot a bit closer so our bodies are touching. My head lies atop his chest and our legs mingling together as our toes push themselves deeper and deeper into the sand at our feet. I look out at the view in front of me. A lake lays there, water stretching out for miles and miles in all directions. The water shines a deep sea green color and it makes the dock look even more inviting, floating out in the distance.

               “Let’s go to the dock.” I suggest to Adam. He lifts his head a little and examines the amount of swimming he would have to endure to get to the dock, then looks over at me.

               “Really?” He asks in a tone that asks if I were joking or not.

               “Yes, really,” I sit up and I turn to face him, crossing my legs in front of me like a little kid awaiting her Christmas present. I grab his hand as well and I squeeze it against my chest.

“Please,” I say in a pleading tone, and he looks up at his hand that is pressed against my breasts, smiling with lust.

               “I don’t know.” He says, more to himself than me. I stand up, letting his hand drop to his stomach.

               “How about this. If you beat my there, you can do whatever you want with me. No questions asked.” I bite my lip to prevent from smiling like the love struck idiot that I am. He stands up, the heat of his body luring me closer towards him, and he grabs my hands again as our chests lightly brush together. 

               “I am not that great of a swimmer.” He says, staring at the ground, blushing slightly, and a bit saddened that he knows I will definitely beat him in a swimming race.

               “I’ll go slower just for you,” I say, pecking his nose with my lips.

               I rush out to the water in a flash, the water of the lake just hitting my knees, but I don’t get too far before two arms wrap themselves around my waist and twirl me around so I am facing the shore once again. The water is cold against my skin as it hits my thighs. I splash the water up against Adam’s back and his body curls away against the cold temperature. He yelps faintly and turns to face me, splashing even more water onto me, soaking my whole body.

               “Oh my god! That’s cold!” I yell and he laughs at me. I splash even more water onto Adam, he and I completely soaked to this point.

               “This was your idea!” He yells back, still laughing at me. We both start swimming towards the dock and I feel my body slowing down. I don’t really know if it is because my body is tired or because I wish my body was tired so Adam would get ahead of me and win. We both reach the dock at about the same time, and, to be honest, I don’t know who won, but I also don’t know if I care either.

               “I win!” He says.

               “You did not! That was totally me!” I reply as I climb up the side ladder and lay down, Adam right behind me. He climbs up as well and lies down next to me as we both splat against the hot wood of the dock, exhausted. The hot air warms our bodies as we lay underneath the sun that shines down upon us.

               “I definitely won.”

               “How about it is a tie. That sound fair?” I say as I look over at him and smile.

               “I guess that means that we are both winners and that means that I still won.” He sits up and smiles down at me. I smile back and I feel my cheeks start to blush a crimson red, so many thoughts rushing through my head as to what he wants to do now, but at the same time very excited to find out. 

               “Now you get to do whatever you want with me. No questions asked.” My face turns red quickly and the air suddenly seems hotter than before, my body filling with nerves. His face gets closer and closer to mine by the second and soon his lips are pressed against mine. His hand places itself gently at the back of my neck and my hand does the same. His tongue brushes against my lips and I part them, inviting him in. His hand moves down to the ruffles on my bathing suit and my body shivers as my fingers loop themselves in with the strings that are tied to hold his swim trunks up against his body. I pull him closer and he sits on top of my body, pressing against me. My hands untie the strings on his swim trunks and they slide down just a bit. His kisses move down to my neck and I realize that my top is already off and lying beside us. His lips kiss their way down my body, sending shocks of excitement and want in every direction and I head a faint noise escapes my lips.


               The credits of the movie start rolling, which jolts Lynn awake from her slumber. Michael lies on the floor just below with Lynn’s hand lays upon his chest. Rae lays parallel to Lynn on the couch that they both share, an old Spiderman comforter covering then both for warmth. They must’ve fallen asleep sometime during the movie by the looks of things. The lights are off and the TV blasts at top volume. She gropes for the remote in the midst of the darkness that surrounds them and she mutes the TV before she feels her ear drums burst.

               If Lynn is lying here, then that means everything that Lynn had just experienced was only a dream. It was all just one big, haunting dream that she really did not need to think about at all. This one was probably worse than the others, to be perfectly honest, because usually, Lynn’s dreams aren’t as vivid and descriptive. She finds herself staring up at the ceiling as she replays every sensual detail of the dream in her mind. Her palms start to sweat and shake a bit to the thought of his touches all over her body and she jolts up where she currently lays. Her breath is heavy, weighing down on her chest which only makes it that much harder to calm her nerves. 

               Why is she so upset over this? It can’t be that horrible of a thing for her to lose such an important person in her life. And, really, she didn’t lose him at all. He just moved on and that is how life is. People move on. People will always end up leaving at the end of the story and Lynn just need to learn to deal with this because she know that she really cannot go the rest of her life freaking out over every little thing.

“You do know what this means, right?” She replied.


“We can’t go to Prom together anymore.”


“We probably shouldn’t talk anymore either.”

She can remember typing these words to Adam as they were talking that day. Lynn had forgotten why she said this in the first place, until now. She remembers now why she had ended the friendship at that moment. She ended it then and there because she knew very well that if they had been friends throughout their friendship that Lynn would have just been suffering and fighting for Adams attention every second of the day. She remembers this now. But she is still upset because she misses having someone to talk to whenever she was lonely. Adam used to be that person Lynn would go to for anything and now he isn’t there. Lynn just needs to find something else to occupy her, right? All she needs is a new best friend, someone who will always be there to catch her when she falls, but Lynn also knows that those kinds of people are hard to come by.


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