The Memior of Lynn: Junior Year

Lynn is almost done with high school. She just has to make it though the next two years and then she is off to travel the world and explore the wonderful world of college and life outside of Virginia. She thought she had it easy but she must have been horribly wrong because now nothing is going the way that she planned. He mothers cancer returned just when they both thought all of that was out of their lives forever.

Then she meets Adam Wilson. He is nice, listens to her, and is an awesome friend. But then things get more serious and she doesn’t know how to deal with it all.

This is a typical story about a teenage girl finding herself in a confusing place, something that everyone can relate too. I am positive that you all will love it!


17. February 15, 2012

               The room is dark, and for a minute I cannot seem to gather where it is that I am. I am sitting on a bed by the window and the only light that fills the room is that of the natural lighting shining through the glass behind me. My shadow seems to cover the floor and shines over to the closed door that opens when I look over at it. The door swings opens, and there is a shadowy figuring that is blocking me from ever thinking of leaving. I cannot see who the person is, just their short hair and muscles arms and chest, and the outline of male pajama pants outlines the figure well. The shadow is not wearing a shirt either which seems to bother me considering I cannot seem to figure out who is standing in my door way.

               Then I see that I am in fact not in my room. It takes me a minute longer to figure out where I am but the setup of the room helps me come to realization of the fact. The television is lines up with the door way and lays across the room from where I sit on the edge of the bed that lies against the convenient window behind me. I am in Adam’s room, but why? He doesn’t want to talk to me, right? Why am I here? My head throbs as I try to answer the questions that rush through my mind.

               The shadowy figure is moving closer to me now, showing me that Adam is in fact the figure that was blocking me from leaving. He takes a few steps closer but stops about three feet away from me, not moving any closer than that.

               “What do you want? Why am I here?”

               “I was wrong,” He whispered, just faint enough for me to grasp his words.

               “No, you were right. It was my fault and I am sorry I put you through what I did. That was my fault.” I couldn’t believe what I was even saying right now. It wasn’t my fault. He pressured me, and I knew that of him, so why did I even say that.

               He takes two more steps closer and our legs bump against each other as he has stepped into my personal, figurative bubble of privacy. My body jumps to his bump against my knees and I don’t know what I should be doing right now.

               “Let’s go.” He says, but leaves me highly confused as to what he could mean.

               “Go where?” I ask, standing up from the bed, the springs sounding to my movement, and our chests touch due to our closeness to each other. He doesn’t answer with words. Instead he presses his lips against mine and my eyes close as his warmth fills my body yet again. I want to continue, but I am still confused. I now know what he had meant telling me to go. He wants to repeat our mistake, but I can’t let him. It is wrong of us to do this but part of me wants to do it again because the first time was just that amazing. I push his body off of mine, the warmth being replaces with chills as I do, and the room darkens as if the sun were leaving as the moon enters.

               “We can’t, Adam. We just can’t.” I say, stern. He pulls me to him, our bodies smacking against each other and his kisses are hard this time about my mouth. No words are said after that. I know this is wrong, but yet I continue anyways. His shirt being already off, I start to explore. My kisses walking about his chest as his fingers are intertwined with the fibers of my hair.

               Time feels as if it skips a couple hours ahead at super speed, like fast forwarding through the commercials of a television show to get to the good part of the show. My breath is heavy and Adam seems to be atop of me as we continue to stare at each other. I go to speak and mention that what we had done was wrong, but Adam kisses me again as if to tell me to be quiet once and for all and I kiss him back. I don’t know what I am doing. It is as if someone else controls my movements as push his body to the side and I follow his actions. I am on top of him now and he pulls me down to kiss him again. The sounds are muted. As I speak, nothing comes out. It is just the movement of my lips and it worries me that I have no say in what is happening.

               Time skips ahead once again in the same fashion as before, passing by the time to get to a better part of the show. Water hits against my face and I see that we are in a whiter room, tiles surrounding us. We are in the shower and Adam hold my body up in his arms. The water trickles its way down our bodies continuously as the time goes by in a slower motion than usual.

               We are in the kitchen now. I am sitting upon the kitchen counter and Adam holds me in place, preventing me from running anywhere. A pressure releases from my throat and I can seem to speak now. I don’t know what to even say now that I can speak, so I just say the first thing that I think of. Adam stares at me as if he awaits my words which put pressure on me even more. I don’t know what to say now. His fingers tickle my sides as he caresses my skin, Goosebumps shooting their way up my sides and throughout the entirety of my body as well. A shudder escapes my lips.

               “Let’s go again.” I say, and he kisses me. 

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