The Memior of Lynn: Junior Year

Lynn is almost done with high school. She just has to make it though the next two years and then she is off to travel the world and explore the wonderful world of college and life outside of Virginia. She thought she had it easy but she must have been horribly wrong because now nothing is going the way that she planned. He mothers cancer returned just when they both thought all of that was out of their lives forever.

Then she meets Adam Wilson. He is nice, listens to her, and is an awesome friend. But then things get more serious and she doesn’t know how to deal with it all.

This is a typical story about a teenage girl finding herself in a confusing place, something that everyone can relate too. I am positive that you all will love it!


4. December 11, 2011; 3:37PM

Lynn heard a ding from her computer as soon as she entered her room after school. She knew exactly who it was. As she threw her back pack full of text books and then proceeded to rush to the computer, turn it on as fast as she could and read the daily message from Adam.

“Hey. How was your day?” Adam’s message said. She smile as she read it, followed with a tiny giggle.

“Fine. Would have been better if I could have seen you.” She typed back.

“Everything is better when I am in the room. Obviously.” He replied, followed by a smiley emoticon. She typed back some laughter and he did the same.

“So, how was your day may I ask?”

“….”He typed back, and she knew then that something must have been wrong.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“Just some stuff with my friends. It’s a long story.”

“Oh, ok.” Lynn knew that she needed something to make him happy. She felt obligated to do so and after a couple minutes of silence on both ends, she thought of something that would do the trick.

“So, hey.” She started off typing, but then got a bit nervous and stopped.

“Yeah?”He asked. When she read this she pictured him looking at her with those big, brown eyes of his that made her get lost and confused. When she looked into his eyes, she could stand there forever, and when those sorts of dazes happened, she really would get confused. She would forget where she was, and had to ask people the time and day, but her head was still filled with a brown fog as she continued to think about Adam and his deep, brown eyes and how the affected her so much. His eyes were her adrenaline, in a way, and he was the supplier.

“Well, Dragonfest is this Friday.” Dragonfest was a carnival. Not even that. It was more of a tailgater kind of party, minus all the beer and adult partying and adds in more children and a moon bounce, and it happened every year at their school on the football field, right before the first home game.

“Yeah it is. What about it?”

“Well, beforehand Michael, Rae and I are going over to that pizza place across the street to eat some pizza and hang out and such. Would you like to join us?”Lynn, Michael, and Rae are the best of friends, and they have all been planning this get together for a long while, and one could easily tell that they are all very excited. Lynn knew that she should have asked her friends first if it were ok for Adam to join them, but she knew that they would say yes anyways. By the excessive talking that Lynn has done about Adam all year, they easily found out that Lynn and Adam had a thing for each other. That made Lynn happy, to say the least, because now she doesn’t have to hide her excessive smiling, and fits of laughter and girlish giggling, and all her emotions of happiness, because people actually knew about her and him and she had nothing to hide.

“That actually sounds pretty fun. Sure! What time?”

“Right after school lets out we are supposed to head up. Meet me at my locker?” It took a couple of minutes to get his next message.

“I will just meet you up there.”

“Are you sure? We can walk up together if you want.”

“No, I have some stuff to do, but I will be up there when you guys are.”

“Ok, if you are sure.”

“I’m sure.”


“I really am excited.” That was his last message before the computer told her that he was offline that instant. Lynn did not really know whether to be happy or upset. She was happy that he was actually coming. She was happy that he said he wanted to spend time with her. But why didn’t he just want to walk up with her? That bothered Lynn. Maybe he was ashamed to be seen with her.


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