Unfinished Business

Abby is the kind of girl who keeps to herself. This year, her senior year, everything changes, when her worst enemy, Nicole, decides to play with her old tricks again. Abby has shut that part out of her life completely. Or so she thought. Do you think she has what it takes to make it out alive in time to graduate? Or will she crumble? just like the last time it all happened.


2. (Nicole and Abby)

I tried my best to hold in my laughter, but this was the best one yet. When I walk back over to my friends they all hold out their hands and I slap them all with pleasant high fives in accomplishment. Too bad I didn’t have my camera out to take a picture of the look on her face when she saw all of those tissues in her locker.
“Hey, babe. I missed you last night.” I’m distracted from the memorable moment in front of me by two huge arms that engulf me into a buff abdomen. I turn around with those two huge arms to see Jason, my boyfriend, looking down at me, smiling. His hair is perfectly shifted to the side, which is one of the things that I like about him and I almost forget that he even said something to me.
“Hey, Honey!” I give him a quick kiss on the lips and turn back around to get one last laugh before I have to head to Algebra 2. She’s not there? I sigh and tell my friends bye before they rush off at the warning bell. Jason and I are alone and about to kiss again before we hear the loud voice of Mr. Parker behind us.
“GET TO CLASS!” Mr. Parker scolds us right when went give each other a kiss.
“I’ll see you after school.” Jason goes to walk away and gives me a what-a-freak type of look. I watch him walk away and then make my way to Algebra 2.

“He may be a bit rude at times, but I have to give him some credit. He’s pretty cute.” It is lunch time and we are all sitting at our usual table and conversing about our usual topic, boys. Ashley, who is currently next to me, is babbling on about some guy named Ryan that she finds attractive. I find him kind of rude and obnoxious, and so does everyone else, but she likes him for some reason and I usually just sit here and pretend that I care, when really I don’t. Not at all. I can tell that everyone else feels the same way by all the eye rolling that I see around the table.
“Speaking of cute guys,” some girl, whose name I don’t know but is very annoying, yells from across the table, “How are things with you and Jason.” Everyone’s eyes turn to my direction and I suddenly feel annoyed and wish that she never brought it up. I give her a mean glare before saying anything but she, along with everyone else, is so excited and happy for me that I just roll my eyes and start talking.
“We’re fine.” I say, avoiding everyone’s looks by looking down at my salad.
“Just fine?” The annoying girl says.
“You guys must be more than fine.” Another says just after.
“You’re the couple of the school year right now. There must be something you aren’t telling us.” I am silent.
“You guys! Just because they’re the talk of the school right now, doesn’t mean that she actually wants to talk.” Ashley says, standing up for me. She knows why I am not speaking right now. If anyone found out about that tiny detail, it would be the death of me and Jason. We would have to break up most likely and I don’t want that to happen. There are a couple seconds of silence and everyone stares at me intensely. I wish that the lunch bell would just ring already so we can stop talking about this and I can go on with my life.
“Ooooo,” Everyone, except for Ashley and me, at the table says in unison.
“Somebody has a secret.” The annoying girl says in that sort of sing-song voice that is really high pitched and just annoying.
“I do not.” I say in denial, hoping that they just leave it at that.
“Yes you do.” She says back to me.
“Everybody has a secret. Why do you want to know so badly anyways?” Ashley stands up for me again and I look over at her and smile, my way of saying “thanks.” She just shrugs her shoulders and smiles back at me as if to say “No problem.”
“Because,” The annoying girl says, with a smile on her face, “secrets are juicy. I’m good at keeping secrets. You can trust me.” Liar, I think to myself. She inches over the table a little more as if I am about to tell her. She is the last person I would ever tell my secrets too. She has the biggest mouth and telling her my secrets might as well be the same as telling my secrets over the school’s intercom.
“That doesn’t mean that I am going to tell you.” I say.
“Why not!?”
“Because you are annoying and no one likes you.”
“Nicole,” I look over at Ashley and she gives me a look now that tells me that I should not have said that. But I don’t really care. It’s the truth and she needed to know. I know everyone is thinking that I am totally right in their heads, but on the outside everyone just looks at me with a rude stare. Everyone is silent and before things get a bit too awkward Ashley turns to me and quietly says, “Want to go to the bathroom with me?”
“Yes,” I say, almost immediately, and we both get up and make our way towards the bathroom.
On my way, though, I meet eyes with her. Abby. The one person I strive to make miserable. So far I am doing an awesome job, in my opinion. I look over at her and she just looks up from the pile of papers on her table and just stares at me. This is what I wanted. She is alone and has nobody, except maybe all that homework, to keep her company. I walk into the bathroom just outside the cafeteria with a smile on my face, until I get into the bathroom, hidden from all, and then Ashley abruptly turns around and stops me right in my tracks.
“Whoa, Ashley!” I let out in surprise.
“You are horrible under pressure like that.” She randomly says to me.
“I know, I know. I just didn’t know how to handle the situation. But at least they didn’t find out about-” before I can finish my sentence Ashley covers my mouth with her hand.
“Hey, if anyone finds out that you and Jason haven’t had sex yet then it could ruin you. I mean, you guys have been dating for almost two years now and you haven’t even done it yet? What’s the hold up with that anyways?”
“I don’t know! Ok! He hasn’t really seemed like he wanted to.” I shrug my shoulders as if it’s no big deal.
“Oh, he wants to. Trust me. Has he ever even talked to you about it?” I can feel my face flush with redness a little and I avert my eyes to the floor and stare down at the floor pattern’s that change shape. “Wait, what are you hiding from me?” She says, noticing that I am hiding something. Her eyes light up as if she found out the reason and she then says, “So, you have had the talk. How awkward was it?” She just smiles at me.
“Can we just go back to the cafeteria?” I say, trying to stop the conversation. I go to walk out the bathroom but she just puts her hands on my shoulders and pushes me back to where I was originally standing.
“No, tell me now while we are alone.” She peeks around the corner first but returns and stares at me hard in the eye, ready for my story.
“It’s nothing big, really. He was just over at my house one night because my parents were still working and I didn’t want to be alone.” I start with, but stop. I can she Ashley start to get impatient when her body jolts up and down.
“And we were just cuddling up on the couch talking about whatever and he just brought the subject of it up and said that he was ready and wondered if I was too.”
“And then what did you say?” She is really excited about this conversation and it really annoys me but I know that I can trust her with this so I just continue with my story.
“So then we just talked it through. You know, we talked about condoms and birth control, which I am on already, and all that kind of stuff. Then he said that he was happy I said that and left.”
“He just left after that?”
“Yeah,” I say, “it was really late and he wanted to go home and finished his homework or something.”
“Homework? Jason doesn’t do his homework. Ha” She laughs at the thought and relaxes a little after I finish with my unimportant story that seems so important to her. I watch as she dazes into space and thinks deeply on what I just said.


I swear one day I am just going to punch her square in the face, I think to myself. Of course I would never do such a thing to anyone. I am pacifist and I don’t thing punching is allowed in those rules. But it doesn’t hurt to think about her destruction every once and a while. I smile softly to myself.
I am sitting at my usual spot in lunch. No food. No people annoying me. It is just me and my writing. I return to my writing but all I can seem to think about is Nicole. Why does she have to be everywhere? I try to shake her out of my thoughts, but it doesn’t go well and I am stuck sitting there staring down at my scattered papers.
“You mind if I sit here?” I hear someone say to me. The voice sounds familiar and I look up to find Casey standing awkwardly at the other end of my lunch table.
“Sure,” I say back to her and smile. She walks around the table and sits down in the seat next to that isn’t overtaken by my papers. “Sorry” I say, shuffling them out of her way so she can enjoy her lunch.
“It’s fine.” She says back to me. We sit there in silence and for a second I forget that she is there at all. I try to think of conversation topics but nothing interesting comes to mind.
“So, it’s your first day here?” I start with.
“Yeah, we actually got here , like, Friday night so we had the whole weekend to unpack and get settles and all that stuff.”
“My mom, dad, brother and I.”
“Oh, you have a brother? How old is he?” I feel like I am invading her personal life but something keeps me going. I try my best to look casual, fiddling with my papers.
“He’s seventeen.”
“Oh, really? So he’s in our grade? Is he here?”
“He should be.” She says with a snort, and I give her a questioning look, “He isn’t the most… dependent student out there.” We both laugh a little.
“Oh, he’s one of those people.” I say and silence follows. I try to think of more stuff to talk about, but nothing comes to mind and then I hear Casey’s voice.
“So, what about you?”
“What about me?” I smile over at her.
“Who do you live with?”
“Oh, it’s just me and my mom. We have a smaller family than most. “
“That must be a difficult relationship. I mean having only your mom to talk to.” I start fidgeting a little in my seat and for some reason, the small talk about my family makes it hard for me to sit still. I clean up my papers and straighten them all into my backpack, about to excuse myself when I see something. Or someone, I guess. They rush over, right to our table and sit down over next to Casey as if he knew her so well.
“Do you have five dollars?” He says to her instantaneously.
“Hey to you too,” She says to the guy so casually and with a smile across her face.
“Hello.” He says, kind of sarcastically.
“That’s better. Now what do you need five dollars for?” She asks him. As they talk I start to examine his features, studying him closely. He is babbling on about some money for a drink machine because he is thirsty, but that is not what I am focusing hard on right now. What draws me into him the most, are his big brown eyes. They kind of remind me of puppy dog eyes by the way they make his character seem so sweet and innocent. I just sit there and stare into them deeply, trying not to seem too obvious. He never looks back and soon he is up and leaving and soon after the bell rings, ending lunch and me wondering who the hell that was that was so beautiful.

History is such a drag, I think to myself as I sit in my sixth period history class. It’s boring and makes me tired, but I dare not sleep because Nicole sits next to me, unfortunately. All she does is sit there and stare into my skull, with her eyes the color of a hurricane that destroys everything in its past.
Mr. Coles is babbling on about the Townshend Act of 1767. At least that is what I gather from the bits and pieces I pay little attention to.
“This act established taxes on almost everything.” He drones on.
“Even condoms?” A loser from the other side of the room yelps. I roll my eyes, while everyone else laughs, and push the comment aside.
“That is what I get for taking PVCC,” I hear Nicole whisper loudly; “It’s just a bunch of nobodies.” I could tell that this comment was directed at me and I turn over my body to face her.
“Then why would you be here?” She looks directly into my eyes as if trying to command God to stick me with a bolt of lightning. “Yeah, you didn’t think that thoroughly, did you?” I could tell she knew I was right by the way she quickly turned around as if someone called her; no one did. She’s not that sly.
“The Stamp Act was soon appealed and soon after came the Declaratory Act. This gave the states parliament total control over all the colonies. And many soldiers were sent over to watch over the colonist and make sure they did what they had to do. It ended in a bad, violent accident that would soon be known as the Boston Massacre.”
The bell rings and everyone rushes quickly out the door.

I open my house’s front door to a smell of burning vanilla. I could tell that my mom had been cleaning all day by all the cleaning supplies that scatter the kitchen and living room floor.
“Hey, Mom,” She is very busy and cleans as if she has company coming over soon, “we expecting company?”
She does not answer me. She seems distracted; I look in her baby blue eyes and see that they are filled with a fear I have never seen before. She is deathly afraid of something, I can tell, but what is it? What would she be occupied with that would be so scary? Why would she try to hide it? She knows that I can handle anything that people throw at me, but how much of a secret could it be? I push the thought out of my mind and try to get her attention again.
“Mom?” I say a little louder. This startles her, and I see her body jump to my voice.
“Oh! Yes, honey?”
“I’m home. Why are you?”
“I took the day off for an appointment. Don’t worry about it.” She waves her hands as if to say that it isn’t important.
“Is everything ok?” I ask in concern.
“Yeah, I’m fine. I just wanted to stay home for the day so I could get the house clean, just in case I couldn’t clean in the future.”
“Wait? Why wouldn’t-”I am interrupted by Mom piling a plate of cookies and apple slices into my arms.
“Are you hungry? I made these just how you like them; they’re nice and hot.” Something in the back of my mind is telling me that this is a more serious matter than she lets on. She changes the subject the more I bring it up, so I give up and go upstairs to my bedroom.


I can hear the silence ring in my ears as I walk through my kitchen to get water.
“MOM!” I yell throughout my home. There’s no use. No one is here. No one is ever here. I sigh loudly.
The doorbell rings and I go to answer it. I know that it’s Jason; he comes over every afternoon after football practice. You would think that my parents would be nervous about me having a boy over without their permission, but no. My dad is away on business and my mom never comes home before midnight. I open the door to find Jason hauling his backpack and duffle full of nasty, rotting clothing.
“Hey, babe! You think that I could wash my football stuff here? Our washer is broken and won’t be fixed and working ’til tomorrow.”
“Yeah, I guess. Why does it stink so badly though?!” I hold my nose and realize that it is a duffle bag full of dirty clothes so it is kind of supposed to stink. “Never mind.” I giggle soft enough for him to hear and he smiles his goofy smile that he always does, then makes his way over to the washer just past the kitchen.
“You’re funny.”
I move over to the big, beige couch in our very expensive living room. I sit there and listen to the sound of Jason stuffing his dirty, football clothes into the washer and turn it on. I pick up my open chemistry textbook from the table and place it in my lap and start reading about covalent bond, not really paying attention. The soft distant sound of the washer is soothing; it helps me focus more closely when he finally comes over and sits down next to me. I can feel his eyes burn into my head when he sit down as if he is staring at me intensely. I look at him sharply.
“Can you stop that!?” I say sternly. I try to be gentle but by the look on his face he gave me, I do not think that I was. I can see his head jolt back slightly. “Sorry, it just bugs me when people stare at me like that; you know, intensely.” I try to apologize but, I do not think that it did any good for him.
“You’re just so beautiful.” I could tell that he looked down my shirt for a second but, I don’t get defensive; I keep to myself.
“Have you thought about our discussion from the other day?” He says. Yeah, all the time, I think to myself. I soon feel the warmth of his hand move to my waist, pulling me a bit closer and his lips to my ear.
“Yes,” is my only response. He kisses my neck some and it makes my whole body tingle, only making me want more and I think that is what he wants. He moves his lips up to right next to my ear.
“And?” He asks me. I can’t answer. Something prevents me from replying right away and he moves his kisses back down to my neck.
“Well…” I don’t finish my thought because Jason moves his lips up to mine and we sit there for a good while. It feels nice to feel his lips again. It’s been a while since we have been this close and I want more, but I don’t know how much more I could handle. If we just had sex and got it over with then we both wouldn’t have to keep this horrible secret anymore and we could be closer than ever. It’s midnight then next time I glance over at the clock and we are still on the couch in the same spot we were hours ago. I feel his hands move from my waist slowly down to my jeans button and they unsnap as he tugs at them a little. I jump a little not meaning too and sit back.
“Wait.” I say and he leans back, sighing and lays his head on the back of the couch.
“What’s wrong?” He asks.
“I don’t know. It just doesn’t feel like the right time.” He seems frustrated.
“Nicole, it’s almost one and a half year now and we still haven’t had sex. I am all for waiting but how much longer do I have to wait?” I can tell that he is holding back his frustrations by grabbing at his shorts.
“I just don’t know ok. I have been thinking about it, I really have I just… I don’t know.”
“How about I just go home.” He says, feeling defeated and walks over to the kitchen, most likely headed for his clothes in the wash that have probably stopped a while ago. I sit there and hear the sound of him stuffing is clothes back into the bag they came in and he walks back over to me. Leaning over the couch, he kisses me on the cheek and the last thing I hear is the sound of his car shooting down the driveway at top speed. I walk up to my room, not grabbing anything or cleaning up, and fall asleep, exhausted, in my comfortable bed.

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