Unfinished Business

Abby is the kind of girl who keeps to herself. This year, her senior year, everything changes, when her worst enemy, Nicole, decides to play with her old tricks again. Abby has shut that part out of her life completely. Or so she thought. Do you think she has what it takes to make it out alive in time to graduate? Or will she crumble? just like the last time it all happened.


4. (Abby and Nicole; the incident)

The sun beats down on my bare back as I lounge on a beach chair by the pool. It’s the party of the year and everyone around me is fist bumping and bobbing their head to the music that echoes everywhere. I am wearing a green bikini with ruffles. The sun soaks into my skin; it feels good. I reach over to the tiny table on my left and I take a sip of my ice cold, cherry coke, set it back down on the table, and stand up to stretch my legs after that long time of tanning. I walk over to Nicole and Ashley who are currently fluffing their hair and checking themselves out in their pocket mirrors as if it makes a different what their hair looks like at all.

“Why are you fixing your hair? This is a pool party, not a hair party.” I say to them, in a kind of joking matter.
“It never hurts anyone to be too pretty. If you knew that then maybe you’d have a boyfriend like us.” I am not totally hurt by this comment. She says stuff like this all the time, so I am kind of used to it by now. That seems to be all that she does; it’s as if she gets paid to say this stuff by the millions. She’s been doing it a lot lately, actually, and I am starting to wonder what her deal is. But maybe she’s right. I mean, if I actually cared about these things then maybe I would have a boyfriend right now. But, then again, I wouldn’t want a guy who only likes me because I’m hot. It should be the inside that matters, right?
I zone back into our conversation to see that I am fiddling with my hair and bathing suit. Nicole has her accomplished grin planted on her lips. I hate that smile. It makes me feel as if she is holding something over me. But she does. She knows that I desperately want a guy in my life at the moment and that I would do anything to get one. I don’t know why I told her that in the first place, really. It just sort of slipped out as if it were one of those things that just needed to be said at the time.
“Why don’t you go over there and talk to Jason,” she points her fingers past me and over to Jason standing alone on the other side of the pool, “He told me just the other day that he secretly like you” Ashley says to break the silence.
“Really? Cuz he told me that he liked Nicole”
“Abby, he only said that because he just could not tell you in person, for real.” Nicole giggles.
“Huh? Ok, I’ll go talk to him.” Jason is standing over by the diving board looking as if he is high and wearing a tie-dye swim suit and is out in a daze. I walk up to him and when he sees me he gives me a slight nod as if to say hey.
“Hey” I say, filled with excitement.
“Why is everyone looking at me?” He seems to have no idea that everyone is staring at his shorts.
“Um, it’s probably because of those shorts you’re rockin’” I laugh quietly, just enough for him to hear. I look back over to Nicole and Ashley. They look as if they are attempting to hold in laughter but are failing badly. They wave their hands in my direction, telling me to continue.
“So,” I look back at him with tempting eyes, “How’s your girlfriend these days?” I try my best to not sound desperate.
“Um, I broke up with her about a month ago. Didn’t I tell you this already?”
“Oh? Well, um, if you did then I don’t remember. I have a bad memory. It runs in the family.” He laughs and I can tell it’s from what I said. I have realized that I tend to say stupid thing when I get nervous. It’s as if my mind gets distracted by his beauty and forgets to process my words.
“Why’d you ask?” He looks down at me with one eye brow raise in wonder.
“I was just making small talk.”
“Really.” I say, short and quick.
“Ok, are you sure that you didn’t ask me just because you like me?” I can feel my face getting red and hot from embarrassment, but I try my best to hide it, “I’m sorry, was that a bad question?” He says, after he notices me fidgeting a little.
“Oh, no. It’s just really hot over here. I don’t know why people attend pool parties and NOT get in the water. I mean, isn’t that the whole reason they put in the POOL part of a pool part?” I realize soon that I am starting my next stage of nervousness, babbling, so I stop myself before it goes too far. I see him glance over in the distance at something and then look back at me.
“You, stay here. I will be right back.” He walks away and I stand there like he asked.


“I don’t want to do this anymore.” This is the first thing that he yells at me when he walks swiftly over and I can tell that he is agitated and uncomfortable.
“You have too! She is so annoying and this ‘joke’ will put her in her place and leave us alone.” I cross my arms over my chest in anger. I have my reasons for wanting Abby out of my life, but for now all he needs to know is that she annoys me and to do what I tell him to do.
“But, it seems really mean?” Ashley looks at me with the same sad look that Jason seems to have.
“Not you too! Look, we have to do this. We just have too. I am sick of Abby and all her opinions, and complaining, and-”
“That doesn’t mean that we have to hurt her mentally!” Jason says a bit irritated.
“Hey, she may be smart but she’s not a genius,” Jason and Ashley double take each other and look back at me, “What!? You know what I mean! Just go do it.” Jason hesitates before heading back over to Abby, but I stop him. “Wait, is there another problem? Do you really like her? Because I told you to tell her that you liked me to throw her off, but do you wish you told her the truth now? Do you not want to ‘take advantage’ of her? What is the problem? You seem fine when you ask me those dirty questions. You know, even if I say no every time.” He rolls his eyes, and grabs two cold waters from the ice cooler next to us before walking away.
“Fine.” Is his last word.


I watch as Jason makes his way back over to me after quickly talking with Nicole and Ashley. Why was he over there? What took him so long? What would be over there that he would need? Whatever, I am not his girlfriend… yet. So, I guess I should not be worrying this badly about it. I don’t even know if I like him that much. Right now he is just a guy who probably likes me. But what if he doesn’t? I mean, if he doesn’t then I would just be wasting my time standing over here waiting for him to come back, when he may never will.
“Why don’t we get out of here” He lightly places his hands on my shoulder once he hands me my water and we settle down a bit.
“Um, sure, where shall we go?” He grabs my hand and drags me inside the house. I can feel the wondering eyes of all the party goers’ burn into my back as we rush past them all and I soon find out that he is leading me to the nearest bathroom. I lean back against the sink once we are inside and I watch as he silently closes the door behind him. I hear the clicking of lock on the door knob as he pushes the lock in. He turns around and there is an awkward silence.
“So, now what?” I say, trying to break it.
Everything after is a blur. His lips are warm to the touch of mine and his fingers rush up my back, giving my chills. I run my fingers through his brown hair and things are hot and heavy. I nibble on his neck and everything goes too far for my wanting, but for some reason I don’t stop it. I just let it all happen. Was it because he asked me politely? Or was it all the quiet, seductive things that he whispered in my ear during our passionate make out session?
“What was that?” I push him away, from me when I hear the sound of giggling come from outside the nearest window.
“Um, it was nothing. Don’t worry about it.” He places his hands on my sides and we resume to our hot and heavy scene when I hear the faint giggling again. I look around to notice the window is open and my instinct tells me that I am in the wrong place at the wrong time so I run outside hearing the faint voice of Jason yelling, “Wait, you don’t want to go out there! Come back!” What did he mean by that?
I run outside to see everyone standing still and their beady eyes planted on my half ripped off clothes. Nicole is staring at me with her eyes of evil.
“What did you do?” I ask with annoyance and anger.
“Well, what do you mean by that?” She smiles her evil smile, but I know she did something by the tone in her voice.
“Why is everyone staring at me?” I suddenly feel sort of exposed and try to hide my body by crossing my arms over my chest, but I know that it’s probably not doing its justice.
“Oh, that? Well that could be because of this.” She whips a CD out of her pocket. I walk over and rip it out of her hand, but she doesn’t seem to care all that much.
“What is this?”
“Well, why don’t I just show you?” She walks calmly over to a TV that wasn’t there before I left with Jason. She did this on purpose, but why? The sight I soon find on the tv is shocking. The CD is of us in the bathroom. All the noises, all the sounds, all the echoes, all the touching, all the movements, everything. I cover my ears and crouch down to the fetal position. It hurt to listen too. I can hear laughter all around me. It rings my ears. I realize that I can’t let this get the best of me so I stand back up and take a step closer to her, us face to face.
“That’s it. We are no longer friends.” I say, tears welling up in my eyes.

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