The Lucky One.

Sophia is a normal 17 year old with dreams of becoming a singer.When a run in with One Direction causes rumors,the boys decide to play it cool and go along with it.Will Sophia live her dream,and along the way find the love of her life?


1. Celebs in NYC!

Sophia's POV:

FINALLY IN...New York to live my dream as a singer!Being a singer means fans,concerts,and totally cute boys!Might want to find a hotel first!Where to go?There is a boy that looks like he might be able to help me!"Hi!Could you lead me to the nearest hotel please?"I asked nicely.He turns around.He has a mask on!He pulls out a knife!He takes my bags!"HELP SOMEONE PLEASE!"I scream.

"Need help darlin'?"a tall boy with curly hair and green eyes asks.

"Somebody took my bags,I have nowhere to stay,nothing to wear,and no money!YEA I NEED HELP!"I yell staring at his fimiliar face.

"Hello?Don't you know who I am?"He asks.

"No!Who?"I lie.

"I'm Harry,from One Direction!"He says flipping his curls and smiling.

"Oh!I've seen your face once or twice!"I lie again.

"Ok...well you can come to my place to warm up...if you'd like."He tells me.

"Sure!Thanks Larry!"I say trying to pretend I don't love him...Harry Styles!

"It's Harry...hop in i'll drive you."He tells me.

"Alright!"I say popping in my headphones.

"What you listening to?"He asks me.

"Oh...Nothing!"I scream while a put on a fake grin and hold my IPod Touch closer to me.

"Give me that!"Harry says trying to snatch my IPod.

"NO!"I yell.I can't let him know I have his album.

"Hand it over!"He says taking control.

"Uggg.Fine...!"I say handing Harry my earphones and IPod.

"You know us!One Direction!You have the album!"He laughs unplugging the earphones.

Harry's POV:

Okay!I might have a little crush on this girl...maybe a big crush!I don't even know her name or age yet!This is the first time i've been nervous around a girl before!I just know i'll say something stupid.

"So what's"I stuttered 

"Sophia!You can call me Soph or Sophie if you want!"She says laughing!

I knew i'd already blown it!Let's try this again!

"You're beautiful!I love you!"I say suddenly. it goes.

"What?We just met!And i'm so not pretty!Brown long straight hair,hazel eyes,and freckles!Why would you like me?All of your other fans are much cuter!"She yells to me.

Last chance Hazza!Come on!

"You just have something special!"I finally say.

"Aww...Thanks!It means a lot!Only because...I sort of like you to."She tells me shyly.

"Alright Sophia we're here!"I tell her.

Sophia's POV:

My mouth=DROPPED!This place isn't a's a mansion!

"Wow...This is where i'm staying?"I ask Harry.

"Yep!"He tells me,"Time for you to meet the others!"

"Um...Harry?"Louis asks

"Who might this be?"Liam also asks Harry.

"This is Sophia!"He says.

"Um...Hi?Big fan..."I say awkwardly.

"Harry!"Zayn whispers.

"Might we have a moment Sophia?"Harry says not giving me time to answer.

Harry's POV:

As I tell the guys the story,they all have comments.

"Wow.."Liam says

"Lucky!"Zayn exclaims 

"Beautiful!"Niall whispers.

"By any chance,does she like carrots?"Louis asks.

"Yea guys,I know and yes she LOVES carrots!"I tell the boys.

"You know I heard all of that because I have been standing behind you guys the whole time?"Sophia laughs.

"Quiet also!"Harry yells surprised to see Sophia standing there.

"Wow!I sure scared you!"Sophia laughs.


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