this could be it

When she finds out her only sister is opening for the worlds biggest boy band Harmony's life changes forever, she falls for a certain boy and he falls for her. Is this true love or will somebody get in the way?


11. the surprise

*Niall's POV* 

I woke up kind of early and Harmony was still sleep. Today we were flying to California and i wanted to give her a surprise since she's dealt with my busy life so well, so i decided to make a call. "Hey Simon I was wondering if I could take Harmony to meet someone" about an hour later I heard Harmony yawn "I gotta go bye" " Who was that baby?" "Uh nobody" sh gave me a puzzled look but I knew she'd be happy when we get to California. 

*Harmony's POV* 

I wonder who that was. I just gave a puzzled look and pulled out my Iphone. I jumped on Twitter. "Oh my god!!!" "What?" Niall asked. "Simon signed Emblem 3!" I said happily. He just smiled and said. "You better not leave me for one of them" He said bringing me into a hug. "I won't" I said kissing his cheek. "Were leaving for our next destination today, so make sure you have everything" He said. "Alright" I said getting the clothes out of my bag that i was going to wear today. I put on Pink short shorts with  white polo and white vans. I curled my hair, and put little make up on. "Ready to go?" Niall asked. "Yeah" I said interlocking my fingers with his. We made it downstairs and everyone was down stairs except for Jane and Louis. Just then Louis came down the elevator with Jane who looked like her stomach grew more. "How are you Jane?" "I'm good so is....she!" Jane said happily. "That's right you guys went to the doctor yesterday, congratulation!" I said. When we boarded the plane i somehow got put away from everyone else. "What the hell?!" Niall basically yelled. "Niall, it's okay" I said kissing him, "I'll see you after the flight." i quickly found my seat and sat down, I had the window seat so after the plan took off i rested my head, put my head phones in and fell asleep. 

*Niall's POV*

I was still pretty irritated that they didn't put me next to Harmony but she didn't care so i cooled down a little. "Hey Jane guess what i'm doing for Harmony" I said. "What?" she asked interested. "When we get to California she gets to meet...Emblem 3!" "Oh my god no way! She's going to flip!" Jane said smiling  "Thank you" She said. "For what?"  "It may not seem like it but Harmony hasn't had the best life, she got bullied a lot when she was in middle school and she really didn't have a lot of friends and after our parents died she didn't really talk to anyone. this is the happiest I've seen her in awhile so thank you" I simply kissed her cheek and fell to sleep.

When we landed I quickly found Harmony and we grabbed our bags and left. It was actually a really nice hotel. "I'm taking Harmony somewhere so we'll see you guys later" I said taking her hand and walking out. "where are we going?" She asked smiling. "you'll see when we get there. I pulled up to the studio where Keaton, Drew, and Wesley were. "Why are we at a studio?" she asked. "Just come on!" We walked in and there backs were toward us. they turned around and her mouth dropped. "Harmony i'd like you to meet someone."

*Harmony's POV*

"I'd like you to meet someone" Niall said looking a me. "Oh my''re Emblem 3" They just laughed and Keaton said "Hi" like the cute way he does in interviews. "Hello" I said. "I don't get why you want to meet us so badly you've already met the biggest boy band ever, heck your already dating of of them!" Drew said laughing. "I know but still!" "How are you man?" Niall said bro hugging each of them. "were good" Wesley said. "So Harmony told me you guys got signed today well that's an understatement  she was-" I cut him off because i knew he was going o embarrassed me. "She was what?" Keaton said laughing. "She was jumping up and down like a little kid." I just hid my face into Niall's chest to hide that fact that i was blushing. They just laughed and Wesley said," It's great man, our dreams are finally coming true. "Just remember this moment for the rest of your life, because this is the start of your whole career" I uncovered my face and Niall just laughed at me and said," you know, you didn't even act this way when you met me, such a fan girl" "Wait you didn't freak out when you met Niall" Drew asked me. "Nope not at all, uh can i get a picture with you guys?" I asked. "Sure!" They all said. I got in between Keaton and Wesley. I got my Iphone back from Niall and showed them the picture. "Damn! We look hot!" Drew said making us all laugh. about an hour later Niall and i left. "Well it was nice meeting you guys!" I said hugging each of them. "Nice to meet you too!" Keaton said. 

When we got back to the hotel i quickly tweeted the picture of me and Emblem 3. the caption said: Just met Emblem 3!(: Great guy!(: @/Keatontromberg @/Wesleystromberg @/Drewchadwickmusic  "Thank you so much baby"i said kissing him.

*Keaton's POV*

I found Harmony on Twitter and it showed that she tweeted the picture of us. I replied to her saying: @Harmonylove Fun day!:). There was something about her, she was so perfect i wanted her. 


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