this could be it

When she finds out her only sister is opening for the worlds biggest boy band Harmony's life changes forever, she falls for a certain boy and he falls for her. Is this true love or will somebody get in the way?


3. the interview and concert

i woke up the next morning and Niall was gone. where could he be? i went to the bathroom and when i came back there was an IHOP box that said open on the top of the box. i did so and on the waffle in whipped cream it read "Will you be my girlfriend, for yes go outside for no there's no such tithing as nooo ;P" i walked outside and Niall was outside the door holding a dozen roses. " Oh my god!" Niall!" i said running into his arms. The boys including Jane started cheering. " Sorry to ruin things but you have to be ready in an hour to go to an interview. Niall and i said alright and while Niall was in the shower i ate the Delicious waffles. when he came out of the shower i got ready. i put on a floral tank top and hot pink shorts then i put white hollister sandals. i went and curled my hair and then once Niall was done we left. 

 when we got to the building where the the interview was i was shocked to find out it was Ellen. Eleanor, Jane, and some girl named Alyssa, perrie and i all sat backstage while the boys got ready. when the interview started Ellen asked them how there day was going. " Great" Niall said smiling. all the other boys said the same thing. " So it must be exciting to have your second album out!" "It really is!" Liam said. they talked about other things then it got to one question. "So which of you attractive boys is single?" all the boys started laughing and they went down the line. I'm single" Liam said. "I'm not!" Zany said. " yeah inst that a girl named perrie?" she said as a picture of them kissing came on the screen "Yep that's her" he said happily. then it got to Niall "i'm happily taken" Niall said.a picture of the two of us on our date came up " Is that her?" Ellen asked smiling. "Yeah her name is Harmony" "what about you Harry?" she asked. " I have a girlfriend" he said. my mouth dropped and so did the boys. "Who" she asked. yeah i would like to know who to. " this beautiful girl named Alyssa" he said smiling. then Louis went. "So Liam is the only single one" Ellen said, "well are your girlfriends here?" Ellen asked. "yeah harry said, "there all backstage." "Well lets bring them on stage" the crowd went wild and i could not   believe that i was going to be talking to Ellen in 5 seconds. the crowd cheered as we walk on stage. All the girls sat in our boyfriends laps. "So how are you girls doing?" Ellen asked " were good" we all said. " so whats it like dating boys form the most popular boy band in the world?" i answered this question, "Well when i'm with Niall it doesn't feel like hes this popular guy that every girl wants, it feels like i'm with my best friend, the guy i've been waiting for my who life, the guy i can be myself with" the crowd awed and Niall kissed me in front of everyone. "Well aren't you guys so cute" Ellen said. we finished the interview and we all walked off stage. "Harry come here!" i said. " how come you didn't tell me about Alyssa?!" even though we just met a week ago harry was like the brother i never had. " erm..well i just wanted to keep it a secret for the first four months" " Okay well don't keep anything from me again you can trust me!" " okay mom" he said laughing. i gave him a hug an went back to Niall. " You really meant everything out there?" Niall asked. " Every word." i said kissing him.

we got back to the hotel after the interview. " hey Niall i'm tired i'm going to take a nap before we have to go to the concert. 


after she fell asleep i left to the other boys rooms. " Hey Liam" i said walking into his room . " hey!" he said, " Where's Harmony?" " shes asleep" "You really like her dont you?" he asked. "She's my everything" about two hours later i got a text from Harmony

Harmony<3: where are you Boo?:(

me: i'm at Liam's i'll be right over:) Xx

Harmony: Okay(: 

"Hey Liam i'm going to go get ready for the concert see you in a little bit" i walked back over to our hotel room and Harmony was in the shower. i chose something to wear. i picked out a sort of nice shirt and khakis with Nike high tops.


 i walked out of the shower to see Niall sitting on the bed watching t.v " Niall you look all cute" he just smiled. i looked in my suitcase and picked out something nice to wear to. i chose a tank top that said "Live Free" on it with the beach in the background and white booty shorts. then i straightened my caramel brown hair and put a head band in it. It was time to go so we met the boys and my sister and the other girls downstairs. we piled into the what seemed like a really small van know. there were nine people in all in a van that holds 10. "Niall i can't breathe" i said freaking out. "Harmony just take deep breathes its okay were almost there." then all i remember is waking out. "harmony!" " I'm okay " i didnt realize he was caring me into the building. "Put me down!" i laughed " No i don't want yo. i started riggling around and i fell out of Niall's arms and bent my leg on the way down "OWW!" i screamed. "what happened Harry said running toward me. " I think i just broke my leg!" i said through tears. " Harmony, i'm so sorry!" Niall said starting to freak out. "I'll take her to the hospital" Paul said picking me up" Niall just got sad eyes as he saw Paul and i walking away. 

" well its broken" the doctor said. " i want a pink cast" i said. It took 15 minutes to get the cast on and get crutches for me. i got back to the concert when it was already over. "Harmony!" Niall said walking over to me. after the concert Niall called a taxi for me so i wouldn't have to go back in the van. i fell fast asleep when we got to the hotel.


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