this could be it

When she finds out her only sister is opening for the worlds biggest boy band Harmony's life changes forever, she falls for a certain boy and he falls for her. Is this true love or will somebody get in the way?


7. the flight

i woke up and Niall was still asleep so i decided to go get breakfast. I quickly put on booty short and a one shoulder purple shirt with white flip flops. i Walked out the door hoping no one would see me, i mean it was kind of difficult because i was on crutches but of well. "Where are you going Harmony" shit Paul saw me " Uhh...IHOP" "i'm afraid you have to wait" "Please Paul, I won't take to long, I really want IHOP, I don't even have to cross the street to get it" " Get the there and back here safe, Niall will kill me for letting you go alone" " Thank you" i said hobbling off to the elevator.

      I tried not to make myself noticed even though i had a bright pink cast on. I made it to IHOP without any trouble "Hello welcome to IHOP how an i help you?" The woman behind the counter asked me. " can i get a to go order of pancakes" "Okay wait 10 minutes  i guess she knew i was Niall's boyfriend because the normal wait time is 20 minutes. The 10 minutes went by quickly. Crap! I just realized i couldn't get the pancakes home. I'll call Paul. "Hey Paul can y-" "Yeah i'll be there in 5 minutes" in exactly five minutes Paul walked in "I kind of figured you would need help bringing them home" he said laughing. "Thanks Paul, did Niall wake up?" " Nope you should be okay" "hey Paul" I said giving him my puppy dog face " Can we go to Starbucks?" " Fine, damn you and your puppy dog face" i just laughed and we walked into Starbucks. "Mom... mom look its Harmony.." this girl in the corner of the store said. "who?' her mom asked. "Harmony, Niall's girlfriend" she got up an started walking toward me, "Can i please get a picture with you?" she asked. "sure" i said smiling while Paul went to get my drink. "Thank you so much!" she said with the biggest smile, "Mandy's never going to believe this" she said walking away. "Ready to go?" Paul asked with my pancakes and drink in hand. "Yeah" i said heading for the door. 

When we got back to the hotel Paul put the pancakes and Starbucks on the table and left. Niall was in the shower so i put his pancakes to the side. "Hey beautiful" he said kissing me, "where did you go?" "IHOP and Starbucks" I said smiling. " Were leaving to go to Dallas today, so i'm not trying rush you but you need to kind of hurry" " But i got you pancakes to" i said pointing to his. "FOOD" he said putting the whole pancake in his mouth. 


"Jane you all packed?" i asked. "Yeah" she said kissing my cheek."You're great" i said making her blush. "So how is your sister doing?" "Shes good in three weeks she's off crutches" "That's great" she then went pale and ran for the bathroom. "Are you okay?" i said running toward her. " Yeah probably just food poisoning  " are you sure it's not..." " No it can't be.. it just can't"  i hope she's not, i don't want to be a dad right know, with my booming career, i just can't. "Louis?" she asked a little upset taking me out of my thought. "are you ready" " Yeah" i said grabbing my things. we met everyone down stairs. "how you holding up?" i asked Harry. "I'm good just in a little pain" "Ready to go boys?" Paul asked. we all followed Paul to the car. the car ride to the airport wasn't that long. Like always the airports were crazy. The paparazzi asked a bunch- well yelled a bunch of questions. i could tell one hurt her feelings " Louis why did you go from Eleanor to her?" . When we boarded the plane she was still in a funk, "Baby, are you okay?" I asked grabbing her hand. " Why did you and Eleanor brake up?" she asked. "She couldn't handle the hate from all the fans" "Oh so if she didn't get hate would you still be with her?" "Of course not not, because the first time i saw you on that plane, i fell in love with you" she just blushed and kissed me. "I'm tired baby i'm going to sleep" "Alright" 


"Niall, wake up were here"  i said poking his nose. "Hello" he said kissing my forehead. Niall got our carry-ons bags since i couldn't and we got off. "How long are we in Texas for?" " three days! were just doing two interviews and a concert" "Alright" i said smiling. 

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