this could be it

When she finds out her only sister is opening for the worlds biggest boy band Harmony's life changes forever, she falls for a certain boy and he falls for her. Is this true love or will somebody get in the way?


6. The day after


We followed the ambulance to the hospital. "This is all my fault, this is all my fault" she kept saying.  "Harmony this isn't your fault. Alyssa met us at the hospital  " I have to see him!" she screamed. "He's in emergency surgery" Zayn said hugging her. about three hours later the doctor came out. "Alyssa James" he called. she got up and walked to the doctor. "He's still unconscious but the surgery went well" he said smiling. 


"can i see him?" i asked " Yeah follow me" he said leading me to Harry's room. he looked dead, he was so pale and lifeless. "Harry, " i said grabbing his hand," Wake up" i said. Nothing. i sat in his room for about 2 hours then when i was about to leave hi hand squeezed mine. "Harry" I said with joy. "Alyssa" he said groggy. " What happened?" " you were shot in the stomach" "Is Niall okay?" he asked " Yeah hes fine" i said taking his hand. 


Everything from last night had happened so fast all i remember is hearing a loud bang coming from Niall's room and i heard faint hopping so i woke Alyssa up then we went  over to his room and the door was open What i saw shocked me a big man had Harmony in his arms with a gun pointed to his head, I did what Niall would of wanted me to do i ran and pushed him then he shot me and everything went black. "Thank you Harry," Harmony said walking into my room. "for what?" i asked. " For saving my life" She said kissing my cheek. "It was nothing" I said cheekily. "Wow Haz even when you come out of surgery , you're still you" she said giggling. "The doctor said you could leave tomorrow!" she said happily. the rest of the day was spent with rest and laughter. "I love you guys" i said to them. "Awe Harry!" Louis said jokingly kissing me. "We love you to and were glad you're okay" they all said. Alyssa came and kissed my cheek, "Harry, i love you" " I love you to" i said kissing her. it was getting late so the boys and Jane and Harmony went back to the hotel. "What do you want to watch?" i asked Alyssa. " Lets watch 21 Jump Street" "alright" she put the movie in the hospital DVD player. we laughed at all the funny parts then after we were both really tired so both fell asleep. "I love you" i whispered in her ear.   

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