this could be it

When she finds out her only sister is opening for the worlds biggest boy band Harmony's life changes forever, she falls for a certain boy and he falls for her. Is this true love or will somebody get in the way?


2. the date

i woke up the next morning replaying every moment of yesterday. i was going on my date with Niall at 7:30 and it was only 9:00 AM so i decided to log on to twitter. my twitter blew up ever since yesterday. @/harmonylove are you really dating Niall? i replied @/1_Dlove yeah i am(: holy shit! i gained 200 followers in a day! i quickly tweeted going shopping for my date tonight(: i went to the nail salon at 10:00 i got sparkly blue nails and matching toes. after that i went to the store to pick that i preordered the night before. i tried it on at the store to make sure it fit good, and oh boy it did!it was a navy blue long dress that went all the way down to my feet and by the v neck it had "diamonds" it was gorgeous. i called my sister so that she could see me in it before tonight. "hello?" she said. " hey," i said  " i was wondering if you would come look at me in my dress before i buy it." "alright be over in a second!" she said. she walked in 30 minutes later. " oh my god baby sister you look beautiful in it!" she said looking at me. " so i should buy it?" i asked. "well if you don't i will" she laughed " and hey i'm only two years younger then you!" i said i was getting out of the dress. i bought it and drove back to the hotel room to get ready. i put my hair into a nice but messy side bun with my bangs french braided. i had Jane do my make up. she out fake eyelashes on me then put silver eye shadow. i looked at myself in the mirror and actually looked beautiful. my sister took a couple pictures of me and went back to Louis  7:15 rolled around when 7:30 came and i stood at the end table at my bed so i didn't look to excited even though i was. 7:35 rolled around, 7:45 came. is he standing me up? how could he? finally at 7;50 i heard a knock at the door.

i opened it and there was Niall standing looking so handing. he just stood there with his mouth open. "what?" i asked smiling. " you.. you beautiful" he said.  " awe thank you Niall" i said smiling. he opened the door for me to his Audi well harry's Audi  " where are going?" i asked happily. "well i cant tell you that" he said smirking. " awe poo" i said pouting. All the sudden we pulled up to this amazing 5 star restaurant called faire dou lu. "Oh my god Niall this place is amazing!" "well its all for you" "awe your so cute" i said kissing his cheek. when we got in the restaurant it was breath taking, in the middle they had a single huge chandalire the was in the middle of the restaurant, and they had live music playing. our waitress brought us to our table and took our order. " uhh ill have the chicken marinara" Niall said eyeing the menu. " um i'll have the chicken Parmesan " the waitress walked away. we talked about everything and anything. it was just the best time ever. our food came and we started eating. "Oh my god!" this is so good!" i said  " Her, try some" i said feeding Niall. "oh that is good! So is mine!" Niall said feeding me. it was so good. about an hour later we finished eating and went back to Niall's hotel room.

I turned on the t.v and snuggled up to Niall. " oh X Factor just started! lets watch!" i yelped. it just started and they were about to announcer the first person to be voted off. when Mario Lopez said Paige Thomas my mouth dropped, "What the hell?!" i basically yelled. "babe it's okay!" Niall just joked. the show kicked off with some guy i had no idea who was sing then it got to the good part. They started with Fifth Harmony, i started rocking back and forth because there was only one other group i wanted to make it through. Emblem 3. When they called Emblem 3 i jumped up and down on Nialls bed and screamed. " whoa Harmony  fan girl mode definitely!" then all the sudden all the boys ran in. " are you guys doing an-" louis asked. "No shes going berzerk over here!" i said laughing. "over what?" Zayn asked. " embelm 3" Niall said waving his arms around mimicking me. "oh gotcha!" liam said leaving the room. " Just dont leave me for one of them" niall said laughing. After X factor i quickly feel asleep.


today had been one of my favorite days. just spending the day with her. "Good night Harmony" i whispered kissing her forehead.. I can seriously think about forever with her.      

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