this could be it

When she finds out her only sister is opening for the worlds biggest boy band Harmony's life changes forever, she falls for a certain boy and he falls for her. Is this true love or will somebody get in the way?


5. the break in


 "Good morning beautiful" Niall said. " Good morning" i said kissing him. "Will you get me my crutches i have to go to the bathroom" " Yeah" he said getting up, "I still feel really terrible" he said. " Don't be" i said getting up, "everything happens for a reason" when i got back he was watching the news. " And Jesse Monroe the convicted burglar escaped from prison this morning, if you see him call the police and be careful he's a scary" i got worried. "What's wrong?"  "Hes the most wanted man in California and he's loose" " i wont let him get you" he said. i cuddled up to him the whole morning. i was watching T.v when he was int eh shower. then i heard a knock at the door. "Hold on" i said hopping to get the door. i heard what seemed like an older man cough. i got a little scared and carefully went to the door , the it opened. i was about to scream but then it was just Harry. "gotcha!" i looked upset and he asked " whats wrong?" " Harry don't do that" i said. " i haven't told Niall but the guy that harassed me when i was little escaped from jail today and i'm paranoid" "I'm sorry Harmony" he said "It's alright" "You have to tell Niall though" "tell Niall what?" Niall said walking out of the bathroom. " bye!" Harry said quickly leaving. "That man on the t.v wasn't a stranger, he used to harass me when i was little, he broke into our house when i was seven i've always been terrified, hes the one who killed my parents.. they didn't die in a car wreck." "Oh my god" Niall said taking me in his arms. 

We just stayed in all day since i really couldn't do a lot. "Lets order room service!" Niall said smiling form ear to ear.; " Alright" i said laughing. i took the menu and he started dialing room service, I got chicken nuggets and he got a burger with fries and ice cream. "Dang Niall!" i said laughing. about 30 minutes our food came and we started eating. i got on twitter to see what was going on and i gained 350 followers in two days new mention " Oh my go look what Louis tweeted me" "what " Niall asked giggling. " @/Harmonylove you still look hot in a cast!;D" " wow" Niall said shaking his head. then all the sudden Niall tweeted to me. it said my girlfriend>> yours " Niall your cute" i said. It was 9:00 already. "Good night boo i'm tired" "Good night" he kissed my cheek and we both feel asleep.

It was 12:30 and i heard something in the hallway. "Niall" i said, "do you hear that?" "Yeah" he said looking puzzled. then all sudden a guy burst though the door with a gun. I started crying. "Scream and i'll shoot" he said. Then it hit me, it was Jesse. "Niall" i whispered. " Stay Calm" he said. " Harmony get up!" he yelled. i got up and hopped over to him. then he threw me to the ground. " STOP!" Niall yelled. then he shot at Niall i screamed and luckily Niall moved fast enough. Then Harry walked and choked Jesse from behind. quickly dialed 9-1-1 jane came over to me and hugged me. "It's all over he's gone" she said. "Baby girl it's all over" Then out of the corner of my eye Harry lost his grip and shot Harry in the stomach. 

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