this could be it

When she finds out her only sister is opening for the worlds biggest boy band Harmony's life changes forever, she falls for a certain boy and he falls for her. Is this true love or will somebody get in the way?


9. shopping


*Harmony's POV*

my life was perfect. I had the best boyfriend, my and the baby were doing great and i actually had a best friend. Alyssa . "Niall, i'm going shopping with Alyssa and Jane today so you have the day with the boys." "Stay" Niall said half asleep. "I have to go!" i said kissing him." Fine, you were good" Niall said smirking. "Well thank you!" i said " I love you" he said. "I love you to" i said kissing him. "Hey Chris! How are you today!?"  "Somebody's in a good mood" Chris said laughing. "Whats to be sad about?" I said smiling. I knocked on Harry and Alyssa's door. "Hey girl!" she said hugging me. "Harry's still asleep too?" i said chuckling. "Yeah" she said grabbing her purse. " Hold on let me just get Jane" " Okay" she said as i went to Louis' and lane's room. "You ready?" i asked smiling. "Yeah" she said., " Did you and Niall do "it" last night? because your happier than usual." "Am i that see through?" I asked smirking. "But don't worry Jane i got my period so i'm good" i said. "Good" she said kissing my cheek. "You and Niall had-" "Yeah" I said giggling. "How was he?" she asked. "He was so good!" i laughed. "Hey where are you girls going?" Paul asked walking toward us. "Were going shopping!" I accidentally yelled playfully. "jeez Harmony!" He said laughing, "well Chris has to go with you girls, just in case"  "Okay" we all groaned. As we were getting to the lobby i could tell Jane was getting nervous, this is the first time shes been shopping since she found out, and she was showing, i mean the fans knew and some were supportive and some weren't just like a normal fan base.

 Outside it was complete chaos, worse then usual. "Chris! Jane yelled. I looked over and Jane and some girl pushed her and if she didn't catch herself she would have fallen on her stomach. "I'm just going to take her back to Lou, okay girls? I'll send Paul down to walk with you girls" I felt so bad that Jane couldn't leave because everyone wanted answers and it came to her getting pushed down. "Okay know you girls ready to go?" Paul said getting us out of the crowd of girls. "Thanks Paul" I said. We went first to Forever 21, we were in New York so it was 4 stories high. "Ready?" We both asked happily. we went on the first floor first. "Lyss!" I called holding a sweater that read Hope on it" This will look so cute on you!" "Thanks girl" She said finding jeans to go with it. we both went into the fitting room and put our new outfits on. "Lets take a picture!" i said getting my IPhone out. We took the picture and i put it straight to twitter @/Harmony_Love: Girls day with @/AlyssaRose (: wishing @/Jane_1 could be with us! love you!Xx we finished shopping at Forever 21 and we already had 5 bags all together with us. the we went to hollister and literally bought every piece of clothing in the store. After we finished at Hollister, we went to Starbucks "Paul" I said putting my puppy dog face on, "Can you please take our bags back to the hotel?" "Fine" Paul said, "Just be careful" "So now that Paul is gone i need details" Alyssa said. "Okay well i'm not going to give you the whole story," i said giggling " Well we just started making out and then it started getting heated and he pulled me on top of him and he started taking my clothes off and yeah you can guess what happened next" "Well congratulations" s\he said winking. 

**Niall's POV**

Last night was amazing! "Hey Harry!" I said as he walked in. "Well you seem... you and Harmony" He said winking. "Yeah" I said laughing. "She was amazing!" I said, remembering every detail of last night. Just then The girls walked back in. "Harry, I didn't tell you anything" I whispered. It was to late Harry was giving her that "I know what you two did" smile. "You told him!" She said at first i thought she was mad but she came up and playfully hit me with a pillow. " Round tow already" Harry said laughing. "Leave!" Harmony giggled pushing them both out. " So is there anything left at Hollister" i asked looking at the amount of hollister bags she had. "Yes there is" she said kissing me cheek. "Today has been one of the best days of my life" she said," Well this is the second best day, the first one was meeting you" She said then kissed me. 

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